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Tri-City Community Action Program has been the anti-poverty agency for Malden, Medford, Everett and surrounding towns, for 37 years. Our goal is to build strong communities where everyone can meet their basic needs, advance economically, and fulfill their potential.  Join us in building a stronger and more just world for all!

 Tri-CAP’s Board of Directors will next meet, Monday evening, 9/14/15, 6P, location to be determined.

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By now you have probably heard from various sources that Tri-City Community Action Program, Incorporated (Tri-CAP) is facing financial difficulties. However, we continue to work to ensure that services to this community are maintained. Fuel Assistance and Head Start services will continue in their same locations with the same telephone numbers. As of this time, these programs are being operated by Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. (ABCD). We are still looking for homes for the housing assistance, homeless services, and HOPWA. The Pro Bono Legal Project is now being operated by Housing Families, Inc. Residents at Kaszanek House and the Single Room Occupancy permanent residence remain where they are.

The Board of Directors and the Acting Executive Director continue to work diligently with federal and state officials and others to ensure that the programs/services at Tri-CAP are maintained in the same general geographical area.  All parties – agencies, staff, government funders, et al. – are committed to this.

Thank you for your support of Tri-CAP in the past, and we wish you, and the new operators, every success in the future.


Loretta C. Kemp

Acting Executive Director


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