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Tri-City Community Action Program is the anti-poverty agency for Malden, Medford, Everett and surrounding towns. Our goal is to build strong communities where everyone can meet their basic needs, advance economically, and fulfill their potential.  Join us in building a stronger and more just world for all!


Tri-CAP’s Services are Secure

You may have read or heard about Tri-CAP’s financial difficulties. The important thing to know is that, whatever you may have heard about our heating assistance programs, all of our services remain open and available to you. Tri-CAP’s Board of Directors, managers, partner organizations, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are working together diligently to ensure that, whatever changes are made to address Tri-CAP’s financial issues, all of our programs and services to our communities will continue uninterrupted.

Fuel Assistance helps you pay your heating bill

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