A little party… at Disney World!


These are celebrations.

We all have dates and events in our lives that inspire celebration. Birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions… and in our case, imminent adoption.

Little B came into our lives when he was only 3 years old. My younger and equally favorite daughter and her husband listened to that calm but persistent voice in their hearts to undergo foster care training after working at a homeless shelter in their city (my daughter launched her career writer with an article titled “How My Public Education Landed Me in a Homeless Shelter”).

Shortly after, escorted by a harassed social worker, barely three-year-old ‘B’ appeared at their door with all his earthly possessions in a trash bag, his little cowboy boots on the wrong foot, to join our doorstep. family and conquer our hearts. . And my wife and I instantly became foster grandparents.

Due to privacy concerns on social media, we started to call him simply “Little B”.

If you look at the image above, you’ll see my subtle (maybe not so) reference to our celebratory event. Even though I’m not a family t-shirt guy, I’ve made shirts with this image for all of us. We wore them as a family once, to have our picture taken with Mickey Mouse.

Our trip included my wife and I, our two daughters, their husbands and B. There were seven in all.

We converged on Walt Disney World at different times of the day, and our first night started our week off with memorable moments – dining at Whispering Canyon Café in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge where we were (my favorite restaurant by far and my favorite of all Disney hotels).

I’m going to take a break now to confess something. I get bored easily. Or maybe it’s a attention thing. Sports games (this includes our daughters’ swimming meets ), shows, plays, concerts … it doesn’t take long for my mind to wander to where we parked, the traffic coming out, my day tomorrow, what I will have for breakfast …

But sitting around the table in Whispering Canyon, I wanted this to last forever. I was surrounded by those I love the most in the world. I even plotted with the actor to bring my daughter a piece of cake to celebrate her birthday soon, and initiate her into the restaurant-wide community chant of “Happy Birthday”. The night was filled with lots of loud actors, daddy’s rodeos, and bottles of ketchup.

Whispering Canyon is the kind of place where you can find prying actors trying to introduce two mortified teenagers from different tables to go on a “date.”

I tend to remember things that make me laugh so much that I cry.

But alas, time passes and the plates are empty and it was time to give our table to another family.

We spent the next day at EPCOT, then three days on a Disney Cruise (where we had our pic with Mickey Mouse). Upon our return, our still childless couple returned home while the rest of us headed to the Caribbean Beach Resort, followed by a day at the Magic Kingdom. B probably doesn’t remember much from that trip, but it was a celebration we’ll never forget.

Celebrations are about making sense of specific events that improve our lives. It’s about honoring an event or milestone – to revel in and savor that moment when our lives have been changed for the better.

Celebration Buttons

The cast members even join in the celebration by providing buttons (at check-in or at various locations in the parks) and, along with knowledgeable guests, publicly acknowledge your special event when they spot your button.

Adoptions, especially those through the foster care system, can result from very difficult circumstances and / or troubling environments that impact the child. Adopting a child in need can be a fresh start. B was given new life, a new path and a new destiny, and that is the best reason to celebrate.

As important events adorn your life and you want to find a way to honor the occasion, consider a Disney trip to take your celebration to the next level. Like us, it’s something you will never forget.


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