A new population policy for Jersey, 100 new homes for key workers and a survey of public sector staff: the Chief Minister’s 9 priorities

A NEW population policy, providing more accommodation for key workers and ensuring Jersey takes a “proactive and visible leadership role” in the response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine are among the ministerial priorities set for this term.

Each minister outlined their priorities following the release last week of the Common Strategic Policy and Government Plan documents. The plans will form part of the government work program and will be updated annually.

Here is a summary of the nine promises made by Chief Minister Kristina Moore.

1. Lead a trustworthy, compassionate and responsive government.

The Chief Minister made various promises, including the opening of constituency offices in each electoral district. She also promised to create “positive opportunities for ministers and government to listen and engage with islanders and stakeholders.” This will include a series of open houses in each of the parishes. An action plan will also be developed to “improve the range and accessibility of data and information across government and put in place a formal and structured process for better inclusion of minority and less heard groups in processes.” of policy-making”.

2. Strengthen relationships between government, states and parishes.

Deputy Moore is committed to achieving this by:

The Council of Ministers will also meet once a month in each parish throughout the year.

3. Build strong partnerships across government, the private sector, and charities and community organizations to deliver real benefits to Islanders.

4. Lead and demand that governance mechanisms are in place to support a culture of delivery and strong decision-making that is efficient, effective, value for money, transparent and accountable across government.

The Chief Minister has made various promises to achieve this, including instructing officials to develop “intelligent intelligence integrated into government data to support sound decision-making”, and the adoption of the Statistics Code of Practice to “build a culture of trust, quality and value”. in the production and dissemination of government data”. She also promised to use the Public Accounts Committee’s “tracking model” to report progress on review committee recommendations on a quarterly basis and to monitor key states assembly decisions and reviews.

5. Review the capacity and resources of the strategic housing function to ensure the government takes strong and sustained action to address the housing crisis and increase home ownership.

6. Put support for children and their families at the heart of the work of this new government by leading the delivery of the results of the 2017 Care Inquiry Report, to ensure that we learn from the mistakes of the past and that we make positive changes.

7. Support an engaged and productive public service by listening to and engaging staff.

Deputy Moore hopes to achieve this by undertaking a program of departmental site visits and hosting staff leadership development webinars and events. A ‘Be Heard’ staff engagement survey will be conducted and the results will be published by autumn 2023. The Chief Minister has also pledged to increase the number of accommodation units for key workers in at least 100 by the end of next year.

8. Continue to support the delivery of efficient and effective public services

The Chief Minister has pledged to focus on recruiting and retaining staff in essential frontline services, such as children’s social services, education and healthcare.

9. Progress of the demographic and migration policy

After years of delays, the Chief Minister said the Council of Ministers would develop a common population policy to present to the states by the end of June 2023. She pledged that “accurate and timely” statistics would be collected on demographic trends, and that Policy 2(1)(e) will be updated to “enhance the economic and social benefits of the Island from a reduced number” of high net worth individuals.

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