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From the adorable Frank to the charismatic Bru via the eccentric Yu Ling, the actors of season 4 of The circle are full of personality. While the show introduces each cast member with some details about their real lives, there’s only a little that’s revealed. For example, did you know that Crissa was already a celebrity who was not only in the Harlem Globetrotters but also appeared on TV shows? Or that Alyssa once worked with Lance Bass?

There are plenty of other interesting facts to learn about this last group of players who were vying for the top prize of $150,000.


9 Yu Ling is a Savage x Fenty Ambassador

Already very followed on social networks before joining the show, Yu Ling Wu had landed a big deal before joining the cast: she is an influencer for the brand Savage x Fenty, according to Marie Claire. The brand is of course owned by famous singer and entrepreneur Rihanna, and Yu Ling will be working on various content partnerships.

Yu Ling, who was hugely popular in the game and made many of the best friendships on The circle season 4, also works as a social media and brand marketing consultant. She uses both Instagram and YouTube channels to show off her talented and creative makeup looks.

8 Frank is a licensed therapist

Fun-loving Frank Grimsley quickly became a fan and cast favorite and was ultimately the winner of the season. He is a creator of body-positive content on social media with a healthy following that would put him firmly in the influencer category. But he is also a licensed therapist.

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Based on his title of “Influential Social Worker“, it is presumed that he works as a social worker. He also works with social media brands like Adobe CCS and Ciroc.

seven Alyssa

Alyssa was very open about her career as an assistant to a sex therapist. She also hinted at her work as a social media consultant for the Pleasure Muse brand by the therapist she works for.

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But one position she didn’t mention on the show is that Alyssa was previously an adviser to Lance Bass’ production company, according to his LinkedIn page. Interestingly, she is the second person related to Bass to participate in The circle: in season 2, the former don’t sync Bander’s personal assistant Lisa Delcampo performed, trying to fish as Bass himself.

6 Crissa was already a celebrity

Crissa already had celebrity status as a former Harlem Globetrotter under the name Ace. She always shows off her amazing basketball skills through social media like Instagram and TikTok and also works as an actress. It’s no surprise that she had the most Instagram followers of all The circle Season 4 players right off the bat.

Indeed, fans of the Peacock series Girls5eva might recognize Crissa from her small appearance in an episode of the show’s second season, where she spins a basketball on her finger during the scene. In addition, she works as a model and actress.

5 Bru interviewed big celebrities

Fans knew that Bru – one of the friendliest players in The circle season 4 – is a famous radio host with a huge social media following. But interestingly, no one in the cast acknowledged who he was except for John. But he couldn’t reveal it, because he was playing his mother Carol, who wouldn’t be in the demographic of people who would most likely recognize Bru.

In real life, Bru attended major Oscar parties and interviewed many celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Carrie Underwood. Fans also might not realize that the radio station he works for mainly specializes in country music.

4 Parker’s dad is involved with the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation

Even though Parker didn’t do a great job trying to play the role of her 56-year-old father Paul, she managed to make an impact on the show. Fans found it hilarious that she made so many blunders, including not knowing what memoirs were or who Rod Stewart was. Both were dead gifts that she was not who she claimed to be.

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Interestingly, the real Paul is something of a celebrity. Indeed, one of Parker’s first Instagram posts depicts her with Kylie Jenner. Paul, meanwhile, also posted a photo of him with Parker and Caitlin Jenner in 2018.

3 Rachel is already a TV personality

Rachel is not only a ghost hunter by trade: she is also quite famous. She regularly appears as a commentator on the series Paranormal caught on camerabroadcast on the Travel Channel.

The show features a panel of experts who analyze footage of paranormal findings and attempt to explain what could have happened. According the IMDb pageRachel is credited with appearing in 22 episodes from 2019 to 2020, furthering her reputation as a bona fide expert in the field.

2 Alex has a cartoon podcast

Alex, who was catfishing as a much younger frat boy named Nathan, is actually a self-proclaimed nerd who loves star wars, Marvel and video games. Indeed, his job is actually to host a podcast with his best friend called Two guys are watching cartoons where they literally watch cartoons and talk about it.

It also broadcasts live Pokemon games on Twitch, making him the complete opposite of the person he claimed to be on The Circle. Although he did not reach the final, Alex ranks among the best catfish in the The circle. He not only completely changed his appearance but also his personality.

1 DeLeesa bets Trevor will be on the show

Fans have already recognized Trevor’s face as they saw him constantly during the show’s second season. It’s only because his wife DeLeesa, who won the season and played one of the best strategic games in Season 2 of The circle, (and arguably any season) entered the game impersonating him. But what fans might not have known is that one of the reasons he decided to go on the show was because of a bet between him and his wife. The bet was to see if he could play a female catfish as well as she played a male, according to Distract. Although he didn’t win, he placed second, which suggests he had a very good match.

When she played the role of Trevor, DeLeesa managed to make him popular among women and men. Trevor played a woman named Imani, using one of DeLeesa’s friend photos.

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