Dare County News | Dare County, North Carolina

Dare County EMS paramedic Joshua McKenney, who recently received the prestigious North Carolina Foreign War Veterans (VFW) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Citation, was recognized on Monday by the VFW Post 10950 from Outer Banks to Dare County Commissioners Council. , July 19, 2021. Each year, the North Carolina Department’s VFW …

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The benefits of learning in social work

Continuing education news The FE News Channel gives you the latest education news and updates on emerging education strategies and # The future of education and the #AvenirduTravail. Providing reliable and positive continuing education news and perspectives since 2003, we are a digital news channel with a mix of written …

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White House calls on social media companies to be ‘held accountable’ for Covid disinformation – live | US News

10:35 am EDT 10:35 Mandela barnes, lieutenant-governor of Wisconsin, announced today that he is a candidate Senate, joining a field crowded with Democrats vying for the seat. “Hard-working families deserve every opportunity, but politicians like the senator Ron johnson don’t deliver, ”Barnes tweeted. “Instead of changing our dreams, we need …

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