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I have worked hard to improve relations between Blacksburg and its NRV neighbors. Of all that I can accomplish or influence, this is probably the most important: to be in good relationship with our neighbors.

As for the specific traits, I would list:

Respect for both city staff and residents.

Sincere appreciation of the city’s history and culture.

Generous respect for our constituents, as well as for our neighbors. “

Manteghi: “The mayor must personally embody the values ​​and spirit of the city and be part of the community, not above it. People would like the mayor of our Town to become a regular participant in his community events, as I always have been, and to forge personal bonds with people. We need someone who is warm, welcoming and approachable. A lot of people fear the city will become elitist, and I guess it’s inevitable that the city reflects the character of its rulers. But we need a more present and accessible mayor.

Do you have anything else to add about your campaign?

Hager-Smith: “A wise friend offered me his support with this advice, ‘You know, Leslie,’ he said. “Some people may tell you to go to hell, and they do it so kindly that you can’t wait to get there.” I’m still working on it. The public service offers many opportunities for practice.

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