Brahmavar: social worker who easily meets the needs of cancer patients

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Brahmavar, November 17: Aniket Shenoy, son of Kota Srikant Shenoy, a social activist, has established himself as a role model for young people by showing his social commitment in helping people with cancer.

Shenoy has grown his hair out for the past two years. On this Children’s Day, he donated his hair to cancer patients, especially sick children, through a hair donation company based in Bengaluru. His commitment to social issues has been widely praised.

Aniket has followed the illustrious path forged by her father, Srikanth Shenoy, who is also a social activist. Aniket has been active in various organizations and institutions. He is always busy with some social activity. He was identified as the Rotaract Secretary of Shirva Bantakal, as a person associated with Clean Kundapur, as a blood donor and also by winning the State-level Young Scientist Award during his college years.

Aniket Shenoy Kota said he donated his hair for children with cancer on Children’s Day. He added that he was proud of it. “I felt I had to shave my head and stand with the kids to tell them that being bald is beautiful. I feel fulfilled telling the kids that I’m with them, that they’re not alone, and assure them that their path is full of love and affection.

Aniket happens to be a student of Sri Madhwa Vadiraja Engineering College, Bantakal.

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