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(“Global Action Initiative 2021 – Project Earth” broadcast from November 2 to 6)

BEIJING, November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – China Media Group’s week-long event “Global Action Initiative 2021 – Project Earth” highlighted the seriousness of the climate crisis, heard from world leaders, scientists, young activists, and explored ideas and solutions.

“Global Action Initiative 2021 – Project Earth” broadcast from November 2 to 6 (PRNewsfoto / CGTN)

Our Day Five program focused on young people about their ideas and innovations. At the end of the show, we released our statement – the “Global Media Strategic Framework on Climate Action”. It calls for immediate action to achieve global targets for reducing carbon emissions. The declaration also proposes the creation of a Global Climate Media Alliance to build a framework for climate action that would include:

– Give priority to climate reporting to raise public awareness.
– Share resources on climate reporting to better fulfill the social responsibility role of the media.
– Organize joint media events to strengthen audience engagement and encourage community building.
– Collaborate in amplifying the voice of young people to involve young people as a major part of the solution to climate crises.
– Strengthening collaboration between all media platforms to become a unified source to provide credible information.
– Share media resources with academic and business communities, as well as with international NGOs and for-profit organizations, to increase initiatives on climate issues.
– Work together to guarantee the authenticity of journalism to fight against disinformation and demagoguery related to the climate crisis.

In their opening remarks on the Day 5 program, the United Nations Resident Coordinator at China, Siddharth Chatterjee, spoke of the need for a radical change in innovation, investment and technology. World leader in climate and energy from the World Wide Fund for Nature, Manuel Pulgar Vidal, who is also the former Peruvian environment minister, has warned that we are in a “decisive decade” as the world strives to achieve net zero emissions and a resilient economy.

Qin gang, from China Ambassador to the United States, answered questions from students of China and United States on climate change. We also heard from a senior World Bank official, a Nobel Prize-winning economist and a professor at Harvard University.

Our broadcasts from the first four days showcased the impacts of climate change on the global environment, the importance of biodiversity, media responsibility and the individual actions of global citizens, with heads of state and government, senior officials of the UN, IMF and World Bank. and climate experts sharing their views.

A significant portion of our coverage includes five “Zero Hour” documentaries. They examine the impact of extreme weather events and how young people around the world are finding creative ways to alleviate the climate crisis.

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