Clubhouse Seeks To Strengthen Presence In India With Expansion Of “Creator First” Funding

After limiting its own growth potential by having no Android app at all until last month, Clubhouse has now experienced a massive expansion of the Android user base, adding an additional 4 million users, or the triple what it had on iOS alone at the last report.

Many of these users must be based in India, where Android is by far the Dominant mobile OS – because today, Clubhouse has ad that it expand its Creator First grant program to specifically fund selected Indian designer programs.

As explained by Club house:

“Since our Android release just a few weeks ago, millions of people in India have downloaded Clubhouse to have real, meaningful and often great fun conversations. We are in awe of the creators of Clubhouse in India who share their talents with people all over the world. “

Through the Creator First program, which Clubhouse also operates in the United States, Clubhouse will provide selected participants with ongoing support and guidance to help them develop their concepts in the app. Clubhouse also offers program participants a guaranteed income of at least $ 5,000 per month to help them. It is not clear if this same amount is offered to participants based in India, but it is certain that a “monthly allowance” is part of the package.

“In India in the last few weeks we’ve seen cricket halls, music halls (including really fun Antakshari rooms), rooms on games and competitions, rooms on religion and prayer, and much more. We’re excited to see what creators across India bring to the table. “

The funding will help Clubhouse boost some of its most popular content, while ideally helping to build stronger relationships with key creators as part of its plan for continued growth.

Clubhouse may have arrived in India at the right time. With Twitter facing restrictions regulators, and TikTok, which was one of the region’s most popular apps, banned last June due to border tensions between India and China, opened up new opportunities for social apps in the country, and with Indian digital adoption still really in its early stages, and as people search for more information during the pandemic, Clubhouse can fill a specific need, and a niche, that it does not have in most countries. other places.

India is also particularly aligned with audio because of the many languages ​​and dialects spoken in the region. According to Indian express, there are over 121 languages ​​spoken in India, and the advantage of audio in this regard is that while not everyone can read these different styles of communication, many understand how to interpret them audibly through their daily interactions.

This is why Facebook added voice clips as a status option in India in 2018, and this is probably why Clubhouse is now gaining traction, again responding to a specific type of connection and facilitating open speaking, real-time and in large scale.

Of course, it probably won’t be long before the Indian government starts paying more attention to enforcement and looking to impose restrictions, as it has on other platforms. But right now India may be Clubhouse’s best bet, as Twitter spaces continue to evolve and Facebook audio rooms are very close to a proper launch.

Given this, it makes sense for Clubhouse to make hay while the sun is shining and looking to drive growth in the Indian market. And it could work – certainly, it seems like the most viable long-term initiative the company has implemented so far.

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