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An employer discusses internship and networking opportunities with a student at a trade show in September. The Career Center hosts many events that act as an aid to help students feel connected and better develop their professional skills. Photo courtesy of Pepperdine University

Pepperdine’s career center continues to act as a back-up aid to students who may feel confused when looking for a job or those who want to be more connected on campus.

The Career Center is heading into the year ahead, with opportunities for students to benefit from networking and career-focused advice, said Maile Hetherington, director of career opportunities at the Career Center.

They offer weekly information tables outside Payson Library as well as information sessions where more companies will come and promote their positions and opportunities. Students can visit these tables and network to learn more about the types of positions available, which can be found on their website.

“The Career Center is really about helping students find meaningful work,” Hetherington said. “We really want students to feel empowered to see what’s already in you and have confidence in the skills you already have in hopes of applying them to a meaningful career upon graduation. their degree.”

Being at the height of the pandemic last year, Hetherington said Career Center staff are excited to be fully in-person and look forward to the many conversations and networking opportunities to come.

“We want them to get familiar with networking situations and environments in hopes of getting excited about their careers,” Heatherington said.

Caitlyn Basil, Senior Business Administration major, said the Career Center helped prepare her for her future career.

“I met with the Commercial Division Ambassadors on Zoom to review my resume and give me some advice,” Basile said. “They really helped me adapt my CV to my interests and the specialties I was looking for.”

photo courtesy of Sarah Dillion
Seaver students speak with an organization about their internship opportunities on September 28. Photo courtesy of Pepperdine University

Hetherington said the goal of the Career Center is to help students find meaningful work after graduation.

“We really want students to feel empowered,” Hetherington said. “We want to help them see what they already have in them and have confidence in their skills.”

Charlee Rae Bender, alumna (21) and events and marketing manager for the centre, said it was important for students to attend these events.

“I think they really have an impact,” Bender said. “When I was an undergrad, I liked going to events just to bond. You can show up to something and love it so much that it totally changes your career path.

As an alumnus of Pepperdine, Bender said it’s normal for students who might feel overwhelmed to get into college.

“There are so many things that happen to you and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed,” Bender said. “But just being willing to learn and bite off little chunks at a time will help you realize what career you want after graduation. Take your time and don’t rush. »

Some Events to come at the Career Center include the Careers with the Social Impact Industry Fair October 26. This event will host many non-profit organizations and businesses that help professions grow. Whether it’s medicine, behavioral health, ministry or social services, organizations are all interested in recruiting students who might want to intern or work for them, Bender said.

There is also Matching program event taking place October 17-31, where the Career Center will match students with alumni and industry professionals in the region and across the country. They’ll get an insider’s perspective on what someone is doing in their full-time job, in person and virtually.

The Center also uses Navigate – a website and mobile app that promotes and helps inform students about what’s happening on campus. On the site are checklists to help students stay focused on their tasks, appointments to create a college-level resume, and many more.

“It’s just a great communication tool for them to learn more about the academic and extracurricular side of Pepperdine,” Hetherington said.


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