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Dev Alahan (played by Jimmi Harkishin) was horrified when he found out that intimate photos of his daughter Asha (Tanisha Gorey) had been leaked online recently on Coronation Street. Naturally, she was completely embarrassed and refused to go to school for several weeks. After visiting the principal to try and come up with a plan of action, Dev was disappointed with their suggestions and vowed that the only way his daughter could survive the humiliation was to transfer the schools. But having decided that private school was what his twins needed, Dev ran into serious debt. In the coming weeks, he could find himself in a dangerous position on the cobblestones.

Asha was flattered when Corey Brent (Maximus Evans) started paying attention to her, and the two quickly became close.

So close that she thought she could send him an intimate photo, which would encourage him to love her even more.

But, her decision only caused her devastation when she realized the topless photo had been shared with her school friends.

At Amy Barlow’s (Elle Mulvaney) house party, newcomer Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) leaked the photo on a WhatsApp group, which then ended up on a porn site.

Realizing that the only way for Asha to resume her studies was to change schools, Dev opted for a private school.

However, private schools cost a lot of money, and although Dev is a man with multiple businesses, even he struggles to make ends meet.

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Asha and Aadi weren’t happy with the decision initially, but it didn’t take long for Asha to realize the best position she was in.

Releasing his decision was the right one, Dev faked his happiness, and it wasn’t until fans spotted a “payday loan” website on Dev’s computer screen that they started to learn. the truth. recently spoke to Coronation Street boss Iain McLeod about what’s happening now that the cast are back on set after lockdown restrictions were relaxed.

Iain explained, “What we discovered under the dramatic situation of stripping the soap, is a strong community story that really resurfaced under the lockdown.

Coronation Street fans know Gary is the resident murderer and loan shark, terrorizing even those who live on his doorstep.

But, with Dev in need of the money and willing to do whatever he can to keep his children safe, he could ask Gary for a loan.

However, Dev will have to make sure he respects the refunds or he will find himself beaten and bruised as a result.

After all, not so long ago, fans of the ITV soap opera saw Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) face Gary’s bare hands after he failed to repay the money he borrowed.

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