Destination Tomorrow is now accepting proposals for its $1 million TRANScend Community Impact Fund

NEW YORK, February 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Destination Tomorrow’s TRANScend Community Impact Fund, which strives to address the disproportionate impact of HIV on the trans community, is now open to proposals from transgender-led and non-transgender-led grassroots organizations. -gender conformists (TGNC) across the country. In addition to being the only national funder led by TGNC Black, Destination Tomorrow: The Bronx LGBTQ Center serves the community through educational, financial, housing, health, and personal support programs. Through the TRANScend fund provided by Gilead Sciences, the organization is able to create opportunities for the TGNC community nationwide in employment, housing, health, education and more.

Founder and CEO of Destination Tomorrow Sean Ebony Coleman is the only Black Trans funder in the country, giving it a unique opportunity to elevate local TGNC-led agencies with direct impact on the ground, especially in areas disproportionately affected by HIV, such as the South. Over the past few years, it has successfully selected 33 sub-recipient organizations for funding, including Baltimore Safe Haven and The Mahogany Project, resulting in the distribution of $730,000 funds to grassroots organizations nationwide; and budget growth for five agencies within the cohort, three of which subsequently received a direct grant from Gilead Sciences.

“Trans-led organizations are chronically underfunded and neglected to the benefit of LGB organizations. This grant allows us to effectively address the specific needs and challenges faced by the TGNC community, particularly in underserved areas of the country. “, said Coleman. “In this third year as a TRANScend grantmaker, we are honored to continue to provide much-needed financial support to members of our community across the country who are doing vital work supporting the people of TGNC during a global pandemic.”

Fourteen percent of trans women in the United States are living with HIV. Black and Hispanic trans women are disproportionately affected with rates of 44% and 26%, respectively. While these rates are alarming, they are also most likely underreported. Through the TRANScend Fund, Destination Tomorrow aims to increase HIV awareness among transgender communities and improve trans-specific HIV services. Other goals include increasing the capacity of trans-led organizations, supporting methods that reduce stigma and discrimination, improving access to affirming care and support services, and raising awareness. and utilization of these services, improving the quality of services provided to the TGNC community and alleviating social determinants such as housing insecurity and lack of access to health care and other resources.

Now open for applications, the TRANScend grant is available for two categories of project types: community collaboration awards for project-based proposals, and general operating awards in support of a company’s overall mission and goals. organization. The program uses a participatory grant-making framework when choosing grantees, which shifts decision-making power to the community the fund serves, using a grant review committee made up entirely of members of transgender communities across the country. This ensures that funds are distributed to grassroots organizations that directly impact their communities.

For requirements and more information on how to apply for a TRANScend Community Impact grant, please visit

For media inquiries regarding Destination Tomorrow, please contact Lisa Burker at 917-929-0123 or [email protected].

On Sean Ebony Coleman and Destination Tomorrow
Sean Ebony Coleman is the founder and general manager of Destination Tomorrow, a TLGBQ center in the South Bronx serve the community through educational, financial, housing, health and personal support programs. The grassroots organization focuses on supporting vulnerable members of the TLGBQ community that steers them away from the need for emergency care, focusing on economic, social and mental empowerment on a holistic level. As a nationally recognized leader in the transgender community and the first African American of the transgender experience to operate a TLGBQ center in New York City, Sean plays a key role in advocating for policies that directly impact the lives of millions of TLGBQ New Yorkers. Sean is also the founder and managing partner of Sean Ebony Coleman Consulting, where he specializes in DEI strategies for TLGBQ communities. He is on Gilead’s National Advisory Group and manages the TRANScend Community Impact Fund, a $1 million fund that supports trans-led organizations nationwide.

Contact: Lisa Burker
The TAC group
E-mail: [email protected]

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