Douglas County Commissioners Clarify Recent Public Health Order

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners would like to provide further clarification following the Douglas County School District’s response to the public health order passed by the Douglas County Board of Health on Friday October 8 and coming into effect. effective October 9.

Douglas County Council of Commissioners Statement:

“The public health order from the Douglas County Board of Health is clear. What is unclear and confusing among families in Douglas County is the recent statement from the school district, in response to the order… .. recommending that students mask themselves. While it is certainly at the discretion of the school district to recommend that students wear a mask, the district must now consider the possibility of removal of the mask in the public health order, allowing students, with the appropriate documents of their adult caregiver, to opt out of the requirement mask, and allow adults in a school environment to choose for themselves and to do the same.

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