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They were supposed to be a leading voice in Oranga Tamariki’s transformation, but applicants for last year’s Waitangi Tribunal report to the agency say they feel largely ignored by its advisory board.

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Paora Crawford Moyle, who grew up in state care, says she is not convinced that closing residences will keep children safe. Source: Breakfast

It comes as Oranga Tamariki’s Ministerial Advisory Council, which was due to make recommendations on the future of the child protection agency, delayed the release of its report by two weeks. He said the delay was due to the illness of a board member.

The delay coincided with a damning story from Newsroom where images emerged of two cases of children in Te Oranga, a care and protection residence run by Oranga Tamariki, attacked, immobilized and held in a headlock by staff .

Paora Crawford Moyle, from Ngāti Porou, has been a social worker for almost 30 years and is the main complainant in last year’s Waitangi Tribunal report on Oranga Tamariki.

Crawford-Moyle and his siblings suffered horrific abuse as children in state care, both in a residence and later in a smaller facility.

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She told Breakfast that the images in the press room were hardly surprising.

Crawford-Moyle said young people like her knew what was going on inside the residences, as well as the nature of its staff and its culture, “like the back of our hands.”

“It is deeply disturbing for the country to see this happening. But, we know it continues, ”she said.

“These kids have really complex needs. They are not content to be placed in care and protection residences.

“Not all of these children come from the background of abuse. A lot of them have conditions, troubles, a lot of them have historical traumas that have been passed on. “

A day after the footage was released, Oranga Tamariki resigned “from a number” of employees and announced that he would start shutting down Te Oranga.

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The move comes as the government admits it is aware of more problems at the facility. Source: 1 NEWS

Acting Managing Director Sir Wira Gardiner said that over the next four years Oranga Tamariki would build 10 smaller houses that would accommodate fewer children and staff. This would replace the four existing care and protection residences.

But Crawford-Moyle said that doesn’t ensure residency issues won’t simply be transferred elsewhere. She said this had happened in the past when larger institutions were closed, but the fundamental culture of child care and protection has not changed.

What mattered was the training of staff, their pay and the support they received from the government, she said.

“If you don’t have your accountability checks and if you don’t really pay attention to what’s going on there, you invite lower-caliber people who don’t understand trauma-informed care and that puts the kids in. in danger.

She was also not satisfied with the way the Ministerial Advisory Council of Oranga Tamariki engaged people in formulating its recommendations.

Te Oranga care and protection center. Source: 1 NEWS

The Waitangi Court’s report on Oranga Tamariki revealed that the agency had raped Te Tiriti. He recommended that the Crown join forces with principal applicants to form a transitional authority to reform Oranga Tamariki.

But, according to Crawford-Moyle, that didn’t happen. The most she said she had had was a “brief” meeting with Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis, despite having direct experience with the state’s health care system.

“Friendly engagement and chatter is not a partnership. We knocked on the door and did everything we could to engage. But, the shutters have lowered.

The Ministerial Advisory Council is made up of Matthew Tukaki, Dame Naida Glavish, Shannon Pakura and Sir Mark Solomon.

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Plaintiffs say they don’t feel heard, but Matthew Tukaki says counsel hasn’t had much time. Source: Breakfast

Responding to Crawford-Moyle, Tutaki said the people at Breakfast who had gone through the state health care system had a “significant amount” to help reform Oranga Tamariki.

However, Tukaki said the board was only created in February and had “a very short period of time” to engage with people and report back.

During that time, the council held 70 hui, reviewed tens of thousands of pages of documents, and was contacted by hundreds of people who had been entrusted to the state, he said.

He said the Waitangi Tribunal report was just one of many.

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“If you’re not referring to one report, you are referring to another. Our job is to take all of this, all of these reports and recommendations… report after report, but we also have to find our way through a complex and complicated system.

Tukaki said he had visited care and protection residences, but would not confirm how many or which because the report had not yet been released.

He wouldn’t be drawn to what the board saw, or whether he was aware of the excessive use of force by staff before the newsroom article was published. But, he said, “everyone suspected there were problems all over the country.”

Tukaki said the delay in the report had nothing to do with the story of the newsroom. He said the sick board member had not yet had a chance to read the final report, which is why he was delayed.

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He also could not say if there were any issues with the training staff received, but added that this would be mentioned in the report.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed that the government wants to “change the care offered” for children in care and protection services.

However, while a period of transition to smaller, family-style housing was underway, the residences would remain, she said.

Paora Crawford Moyle. Source: Breakfast

“We haven’t been able to find other ways to take care of them.

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