Families are in desperate need of diapers; needs increase as the pandemic continues

HUNTINGTON, Va. (WSAZ) – It is estimated that one in three American families need diapers.

The need for diapers is the lack of sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry and healthy.

“Diapers are a window to poverty and a window to the lives of so many American Americans,” said Joanne Samuel Goldblum, CEO and Founder of the National Diaper Bank Network.

According to National network of diaper banks, approximately 5 million infants and young children live in poor, low-income families.

In her previous work as a social worker, Goldblum recognized the serious need for access and funding for diaper supplies. She observed that families had to dispose of garbage and reuse diapers.

“Putting your baby to bed is such, it’s the most basic thing we do as parents and guardians,” she said.

Her organization is a national non-profit organization founded in 2011. It collects, stores and distributes free diapers to families in difficulty and is made up of over 200 community diaper banks.

Infants need about 12 diapers per day, at a cost of $ 70 to $ 80 per month, per baby.

Federal programs, like food stamps and WIC, do not fund diapers.

“The government is a place that has yet to really step up its efforts,” Goldblum said.

In addition to the emotional burden this can have on a child and their family, there is also a risk of physical harm, injury or illness.

“The little things have an impact on the big things,” Goldblum said. “I know that one layer won’t make the difference between a family staying in a home or losing their home. But I know that regular access to diapers can be that difference.

Most daycares require parents to provide a one-day supply of disposable diapers. Without child care, many parents cannot go to work or school.

In 2020, research found that member diaper banks of the National Diaper Bank Network (over 225 in the US) distributed an average of 86% more diapers in 2020 compared to 2019 due to the increase in diapers. diaper needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some programs have reported increases of 200, 400 and up to 800% from 2019.

Incidentally, in 2021, many diaper banks continue to see increased diaper needs and continue to expand their capacity to serve their local communities.

In 2020, National Diaper Bank Network member diaper banks distributed more than 148 million diapers to families in need.

There are at least two banks of diapers in our region:

Diaper Drop Charities, 1125 Virginia Street East, Suite 200, Charleston, WV 25301


Nazarene Mission Ripley

Here’s a breakdown of some stats in West Virginia.

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