Global Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Analytics and IoT Report 2021: Data Capture, Information, and Decision Support Services Markets 2021-2026 –

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The report “Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Analytics and IoT: Data Capture, Information and Decision Support Services Market 2021 – 2026” has been added to offer.

This report assesses various AI technologies and their use against analytics solutions in the rapidly growing business and industrial data field. The report assesses emerging business models, leading companies and solutions.

The report also analyzes how different forms of AI can be best used for problem solving. The report also assesses the market for AI in IoT networks and systems. The report provides unit growth and revenue forecast for analytics and IoT from 2021 to 2026.

The Internet of Things (IoT) in the consumer, enterprise, industrial, and government market segments has very unique infrastructure, device, system, and process needs. One thing they all have in common is that they each produce huge amounts of data, most of which is unstructured, requiring big data technologies for management.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms enhance the ability of big data and IoT analytics platforms to deliver value to each of these market segments. The author sees three different types of IoT data: (1) raw data (unmodified and unstructured), (2) meta (data about data) and (3) transformed (value-added data). Artificial intelligence (AI) will be useful in supporting the management of each of these types of data in terms of identification, categorization and decision making.

AI coupled with advanced Big Data analytics provides the ability to make raw data meaningful and useful as information for decision-making purposes. Using AI for decision making in IoT and data analytics will be crucial for effective and efficient decision making, especially in the realm of streaming data and real-time analytics associated with advanced computer networks.

Real-time data will be a key value proposition for all use cases, segments and solutions. The ability to continuously capture data, determine valuable attributes, and make real-time decisions will add a whole new dimension to service logic. In many cases, the data itself and the actionable information will be the service.

Report benefits:

  • Predictions for AI in Big Data Analytics 2021 to 2026

  • Identify the most potential opportunities in the field of AI technology

  • Understand big business AI strategies and initiatives

  • Discover the optimal use of AI for intelligent predictive analytics of IoT data

  • Understanding AI in the Big Data, Analytics and IoT Ecosystem and Value Chain

  • Identify opportunities for AI in Analytics for IoT and other unstructured data

Select the report results:

  • Global AI market in big data and IoT as a whole to reach $ 27.3 billion by 2026

  • Integrated AI in support of IoT connected objects will reach $ 6.3 billion globally by 2026

  • AI makes IoT data 27% more efficient and analytics 48% more efficient for industry applications

  • Global AI in Big Data and IoT Market to be Led by Asia-Pac followed by North America

  • AI in industrial machines to reach $ 727 million globally by 2026 with collaborative robots growing at 42.5% CAGR

  • AI in autonomous weapons systems to reach $ 203 million globally by 2026, with AI in military robotics increasing 40.3% CAGR

  • Machine learning will become a key AI technology to realize the full potential of big data and IoT, especially in advanced computing platforms

  • The three main segments will be: (1) data mining and automation, (2) automated planning, monitoring and planning, and (3) data storage and customer intelligence.

Main topics covered:

1.0 Executive summary

2.0 Presentation

3.0 Overview

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Types of AI

  • IA and ML language

  • Artificial intelligence technology

  • AI and ML technological objective

  • AI approaches

  • AI tools

  • AI results

  • Neural network and artificial intelligence

  • Deep learning and artificial intelligence

  • Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence

  • Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics

  • IoT and Artificial Intelligence

  • Consumer IoT, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

  • Industrial IoT, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing

  • Transhumanism or H + and Artificial Intelligence

  • Rise of the analysis of things (AoT)

  • Supervised or unsupervised learning

  • AI as a new form of user interface

4.0 AI technology in Big Data and IoT

  • Machine learning everywhere

  • Machine learning API and big data development

  • Phases of Machine Learning APIs

  • Machine Learning API Challenges

  • Best Machine Learning APIs

  • IBM Watson API

  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning API

  • Google prediction API

  • Amazon Machine Learning API

  • BigML

  • AT&T voice API


  • AlchemyAPI

  • Diffbot

  • PredictionIO

4.0 Machine Learning APIs in the General Application Environment

  • Benefits of machine learning for the business

  • Machine learning in IoT data

  • Large-scale analysis and artificial intelligence

  • Rise of algorithmic business

  • Machine intelligence hosted in the cloud

  • Contradiction of machine learning

  • Value chain analysis

5.0 AI Technology Application and Use Cases

  • Intelligence performance monitoring

  • Infrastructure monitoring

  • Generation of precise models

  • Recommendation engine

  • Blockchain and cryptographic technologies

  • Business application

  • Contextual awareness

  • Customer feedback

  • Autonomous car

  • Fraud detection system

  • Personalized medical and healthcare service

  • Predictive data modeling

  • Intelligent machines

  • Cybersecurity solutions

  • Autonomous agents

  • Intelligent assistant

  • Intelligent decision support system

  • Risk management

  • Data exploration and management

  • Intelligent robotics

  • Financial technology

  • Artificial intelligence

6.0 Impact of AI Technology on the Vertical Market

  • Business productivity gain

  • Digital twinning and physical asset security

  • Increase in the efficiency of IT processes

  • AI will replace work in human form

  • Business AI adoption trend

  • Inclusion of AI as an IT requirement

7.0 AI predictive analytics in industry vertical

  • E-commerce services

  • Banking and financial services

  • Manufacturing services

  • Real estate services

  • Government and public services

8.0 Business Analysis

  • Google Inc.

  • Twitter Inc.

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • IBM Company

  • Apple Inc.

  • Facebook Inc.

  • Inc.

  • Skype


  • Intel company

  • Yahoo Inc.

  • AOL Inc.

  • Nvidia Company


  • Tesla Inc.

  • Baidu inc.


  • SparkCognition Inc.

  • OpenAI

  • Inbenta

  • CISCO Systems Inc.

  • Infineon Technologies AG

  • Mcafee

  • Happiest Minds Technologies

  • Tachyus

  • Sentinel


  • Veros Systems Inc.


  • Augury Systems Ltée.

  • glass beam

  • Comfortable

  • mnubo

  • C-B4

  • PointGrab Ltd.

  • Tellmeplus

  • move

  • Sentenai inc.

  • imagimob

  • FocusMotion

  • MoBagel

9.0 AI in Big Data and IoT Market Analysis and Forecast 2021-2026

  • AI in the Big Data and IoT market 2021 – 2026

  • AI in the Big Data and IoT market by solution components 2021 – 2026

10.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

  • AI predictions

  • Data analytics providers

  • AI and machine learning companies

  • IoT companies and equipment manufacturers

  • Service providers

  • Companies

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