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50 years ago

November 10, 1971

COOPERSTOWN – Much-needed new public services for Otsego County will be provided with a grant of $ 65,148 under the Emergency Employment Act of 1971.

The county was informed last week of the application of more than $ 100,000 in federal funds for special employment assistance programs. Of this amount, the Town of Oneonta received $ 35,000 and the County as a whole $ 65,148.

Federal funding is administered by the New York State Department of Labor’s Workforce Programs Special Group in Albany. It was there that Guy E. Rathbun, chairman of the Otsego County Council of Representatives, sent the official request when the county learned that funds for special assistance programs may be available.

“There is a real need in our county for some professionals to provide unmet public service needs in areas such as planning and conservation at the county level,” said Rathbun.

The letter, written under Rathbun’s direction by Edward Elliott, executive secretary of the Otsego County Civil Service Commission, also pointed out that there is a real need in local schools for wardens, on duty helpers. food and teaching assistants, as well as workers and equipment operators in the city. and Village level.

The letter contained all the required attachments regarding the employment rate in the county, a report from the Otsego Social Services Department and another from the County Community Action Agency noting that there are approximately 3,619 families in the county with poverty incomes or incomes below the poverty guidelines.

At Monday’s Otsego County Council of Representatives meeting, David W. Brenner, chair of the government affairs committee responsible for studying needs and setting priorities, explained how the grant will be used.

The actual grant amount to be used is $ 45,603.60, as $ 19,544.49 of the $ 65,148.60 goes towards total participant benefits, it was explained.

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