Government is leveling the playing field for SMEs on Small Business Saturdays


This government intends to give small businesses better access to the £ 50 billion of public procurement, which can include anything from the provision of hospital equipment to the provision of public sector pensions, which subject to calls for tenders each year.

The guide includes tips on where business owners can look online for government procurement opportunities and also includes tips on how SMEs can ensure they showcase their strengths during the process. tender. This will be supported by online webinar sessions for small businesses.

The guide also gives advice on how businesses can secure their work through supply chains by working with larger companies to help them complete projects like long-running IT or restoration projects.

It also goes further by indicating how the government views social value when choosing suppliers. This will then allow agile small businesses to showcase the work they do in their communities and ultimately give them a better chance at winning government contracts.

Cabinet Minister Lord Agnew said:

In the most recent figures, SMEs have won over £ 15 billion in government contracts.

But we want to make it easier for them to work with government, and this guide, published in support of Small Business Saturday, will help small businesses navigate what can be a complex world of government procurement.

This is why we are also making radical changes to the procurement rules, to make it easier and more flexible for SMEs to obtain government contracts.

The Cabinet Office previously announced further steps to level the playing field for SMEs in the Transforming Public Procurement Green Paper. The changes contained in the document will completely overhaul the current EU rules, removing barriers for small suppliers by getting rid of unnecessarily complicated regulations. Bureaucratic rules can deter SMEs from bidding on contracts, so new reforms will open the door to public procurement for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We are streamlining the tendering process to make it easier for SMEs to obtain contracts by creating a single central platform where suppliers must register, so that they do not have to submit their data only once to qualify for any public procurement.

Crown Small Business Representative Martin Traynor OBE said:

Small organizations can offer great value for money and a rich source of innovation, as well as a more agile business model than large vendors. They play a vital role in helping government deliver efficient and effective public services that meet the needs of our citizens.

We are fully committed to breaking down barriers for SMEs wishing to supply government directly or through the supply chain. I welcome the publication of this guide as part of the support offered.

Small Business Minister Paul Scully added:

From the pubs, restaurants and stores that liven up our shopping streets to personal care services like hairdressers, small businesses are at the heart of our way of life.

I urge everyone to support their local businesses on Small Business Saturdays. The government is leading the way, supporting businesses with this new manual as well as groundbreaking programs like Help to Grow: Digital that will help businesses take their business to the next level with discounted software and free technical support.

In addition to the £ 352 billion support provided to businesses to help them weather the pandemic, the government is also helping small businesses level up through Help to Grow programs.

Help to Grow: Digital will provide business leaders with the guidance and financing they need to embrace digital technology and help their business grow through low cost software and free advice and support, while Help to Grow: Management offers business leaders training in management and leadership. Designed to be manageable alongside full-time work, companies receive 50 hours of training over 12 weeks as part of the Help to Grow: Management course at participating business schools.


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