Hillsborough Community College offers vaccine incentives for students


HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Florida – Some Tampa Bay area schools are getting creative in the way they get people vaccinated against COVID-19, even offering cash to students.

Hillsborough Community College has implemented a new incentive program that gives its COVID-19 vaccinated students opportunities to earn money.

“It’s a great incentive, especially because there are people who don’t get vaccinated these days, so it will encourage a bunch of people, I guarantee that,” said JP Magalhaes, a HCC student. .

The program works in two ways. First, all residents of Hawks Landing, the student-affiliated housing located on the HCC Dale Mabry campus, who show full proof of vaccination by October 31st will receive rent of $ 300. credit for November.

Second, students currently enrolled at HCC who show full proof of vaccination by November 5 will be entered into a draw to win a $ 2,000 incentive. The college says 50 students will be rewarded through the raffle.

“In the past 24 hours, over 930 students have enrolled in this program,” said Dr. Ken Atwater, President of Hillsborough Community College.

Dr Atwater says that with CARES funding they have been able to offer incentives to their students to get vaccinated. He says there is an online form for students to send in a copy of their fully immunized card to become eligible.

“It’s sort of two parts: getting vaccinated, keeping a safe environment, while having the opportunity to earn incentive funds that will help you remove any financial barriers you might encounter by coming to HCC,” said said Dr. Atwater.

The college says it strongly encourages everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect themselves and those in the community.

HCC students like Magalhaes explained why they think the “coup to win” is worth it.

“It’s a chance to get some free money and pay your tuition fees, so why not register through this simple form?” Said Magalhaes. “You just have to fill out a quick form, get vaccinated, it’s not that difficult. There are many possibilities to get vaccinated, so why not do it? “


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