Innovative and creative ideas, synergies with downtown community sought for Towne Square

Brian Mastel, general manager of utilities, is also excited about the opportunities ahead.

He says they can try to schedule activities for the space, but will look more for community-led ideas. He suggests a movie at the Riverside Veterans’ Memorial Park across the street and an upcoming street hockey event as prime opportunities. Once downtown, the idea is that people will also visit the shop, restaurants and everything else downtown.

“The idea of ​​bringing multiple things into the core will get people involved in a number of activities and I think that’s how you can build momentum,” says Mastel.

An amendment will be on Monday’s city council agenda to establish an operating budget of $100,000 for expenses. Mastel says their goal will be to generate revenue that offsets expenses to make it tax neutral.

There will be steady revenue from parking on site, where there will be 30 spaces sold for monthly parking and 29 for hourly or daily parking. There will also be three accessible parking spaces.

The city will look to innovative and creative ideas for the space and Clark says they are trying to find opportunities and synergies with the downtown community.

“At the end of the day, we all have the same goals of driving traffic downtown to help businesses there and create more opportunities for more business,” she says.

Saying it’s going to be a bit of trial and error at first, Clark says they’ll also be nimble and ready to pivot with their event plans.

Mastel says community groups have shown initial interest in using Towne Square and city officials are looking for a mix of for-profit and non-profit users for the general space and the sea can market to spaces.

He adds that he expects the city’s community development office to respond to calls Monday about renting the space.

When it comes to a grand opening date or celebration, officials would only say to stay tuned.

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