John Lee promises better public services as HK celebrates National Day

Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu pledged that his cabinet would keep in mind its mission to serve citizens better and stressed that the preparation of his first political speech had entered the final stage when he delivered his speech at the National Day reception on Saturday.

“Every year when we celebrate the National Day, we see the continuous improvement of our country’s development and people’s livelihood,” Lee said.

“In recent years, the strength of our country has reached a new level. Last year, China’s gross domestic product exceeded RMB 114 trillion. This represented more than 18% of the global economy.

“Since 2020, our country has become the largest trading entity in the world. Renminbi (RMB) became the world’s fourth-largest payment currency last year,” Lee continued.

Lee also expressed his gratitude to the central government in Beijing for its full support when the city was deeply troubled by Covid earlier this year and stressed that the SAR government would not take a “flat” approach in the fight against the pandemic.

He recalled President Xi Jinping’s visit to Hong Kong on July 1, which brought encouragement and joy to the city. He pointed out that Xi’s important speech that day also became his cabinet’s governance plan.

“It is October and the preparation of my political speech has entered the final phase. Over the past two months or so, my team and I have visited various districts and met with different sectors in person or online to gauge their perspective. We also received valuable feedback on multiple issues, Lee said.

“My fellow citizens, ladies and gentlemen, as Hong Kong is currently going through the critical transition from stability to prosperity, I have full confidence in Hong Kong’s future, and you should too.

“My team and I will stay true to our original aspirations and keep in mind our mission to better serve our citizens and promote the progress of Hong Kong.”

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