KuCoin Labs Advances Exploration of the Metaverse by Incubating the Universe Network

VICTORIA, Seychelles–(BUSINESS WIRE)–KuCoin Labs, the investment and incubation arm of the KuCoin ecosystem, has officially announced its ongoing incubation program with Univers Network, a metaverse infrastructure project designed to empower communities and revolutionize the web -3.

As an independent metaverse project designing infrastructure tools to enable interoperability between virtual worlds, Univers Network has over 50 developers on its team based in Paris, France, working in both blockchain and backend engines. game to develop an SDK that will enable metaverse interconnectivity.

The Universe Network is developing a proprietary mechanism called “Choose-to-Earn”, which will connect developers and users while creating value for the user bases of both projects involved. Its Decentralized Publishing Company (DPC) will launch later this year, with additional projects and development studios to involve in their ecosystem.

Another primary focus of the Universe Network in 2022 will be the unification of game engines, bringing esports to the blockchain, with the goal of redefining the way humans interact with virtual worlds.

“KuCoin Labs aims to improve the understanding and adoption of Web-3 by Web-2 entrepreneurs. KuCoin Labs advises Univers Network in various aspects, sharing knowledge regarding Web-3 community incentives, technical structures, business strategy , marketing directions, fundraising, as well as go-to-market plans, etc,” said Lou YU, head of KuCoin Labs.

Going forward, KuCoin Labs will explore potential and diverse collaborations with Univers Network, which will grant it the scalability and resources to be the leading innovative and metaverse infrastructure solution.

About KuCoin

Launched in September 2017, KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange with its operational headquarters in Seychelles. As a user-oriented platform focused on inclusivity and reach for community action, it offers over 700 digital assets. Currently, it offers spot trading, margin trading, fiat P2P trading, futures trading, staking and lending to its 20 million users in 207 countries and regions.

In 2022, KuCoin raised over $150 million in investments in a pre-Series B round, bringing total investments to $170 million with the combined A round, for a total valuation of $10 billion. of dollars. KuCoin is currently one of the top 5 crypto exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap. In 2021, Forbes named KuCoin one of the best crypto exchanges. In 2022, The Ascent named KuCoin the best crypto app for enthusiasts. For more information, please visit https://www.kucoin.com.

About KuCoin Labs

Since its launch in May 2018, the KuCoin Investment and Incubation Program has brought together a group of crypto experts for in-depth market research, analysis, investment and incubation in the crypto industry. KuCoin Labs has diversified its investment in early-stage projects to help project owners achieve sustainable growth and success in the decentralized world.

For more information, please visit https://www.kucoin.com/land/kucoinlabs

About the Universe Network

The Universe Network is an independent metaverse project that designs infrastructure tools to enable interoperability between virtual worlds. It provides a suite of tools and SDKs to create and connect the first true metaverse.

The core values ​​of Univers are based on the importance of freedom in the metaverse which will be expressed through technology capable of engine interoperability, a blockchain SDK for developers and a robust DeFi infrastructure.

For more information, visit https://www.univers.io/

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