Letter: Concerned about the practices of Children’s Services

I cautiously respond to a provocative practice by social services in Allen County, particularly the concerns expressed by Nadia Lampton, the former chair of the Allen County Children’s Services Board of Directors.

We communicated briefly and she had been made aware of some poor care and advice given to young people by a socially responsible counseling service. This organization is an entrepreneur and offers decreasing rates, daycare and other services.

The advice given to a 13-year-old was indeed alarming. Nadia was dismissed, according to her texts, following pressure exerted on the police station by this same contractor.

If I had been in Nadia’s place, I would have contacted BCI again to investigate the inaction of social services in the case of this entrepreneur! Going to a public forum was his only lapse in judgment in my opinion, but it was done in the heat of the moment.

Over the past four years, this area of ​​county government has uncovered six children who were criminalized while in care and exposed to HIV/AIDS, and the resulting indictments have left former director of children’s services Cynthia Scanland with an indictment, an ongoing trial and two foster parents who are serving prison sentences.

I understand that the civil lawsuits filed by the child victims are still unresolved, but I believe that the victims will receive settlements, if not winning verdicts, in the civil cases. Nadia, as a member of the Board of Directors of Children’s Services, performed her duties as she saw fit. At this point, child services should pay attention to their P’s and Q’s.

Louis Devault


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