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I’m voting for Don Knapp as circuit judge in the Republican primary on June 28. As a lifelong Republican, Don’s message of personal responsibility resonates with me. I think he has done a great job of holding criminals accountable in McLean County and would welcome that view on the bench. When I hear him talk about growing up on his grandfather’s farm in Goodfield and attending Eureka High School during a time when Ronald Reagan was president, it’s clear to me that Don subscribed to the values of hard work and personal responsibility that were embedded in him. at an early age like many of us here in central Illinois.

This stands in stark contrast to his opponent’s social worker message, which I heard on a Peoria TV station saying it’s his job to teach lawyers to be social workers from the bench. These are his words from the Peoria TV interview. If you want social workers on the bench who believe it’s their job to enact social justice policies and teach the lawyers who appear before them to do the same, then Don Knapp probably isn’t the one for who you want to vote on June 28. .

I will vote for Don Knapp. Like many of us here, he grew up on a farm in the district he races for, worked the land like us and shares our values. I’ve never seen so many cops supporting a candidate before. Their message and support for Don speaks volumes to me. I will be voting for Don Knapp as a judge on election day.

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