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Have you contracted a loan for a home purchase or renovation? If the answer is affirmative, you cannot help but subscribe to an insurance policy aimed at this purpose that allows you to “protect” your home nest from the risks that may be incurred by a family’s most expensive asset.

Loan Insurance: use and how to get it with Compass Creditor Protection

The serious crisis that, in our day, is going through the world economic panorama, is pouring also into the everyday life of ordinary citizens. It is quite common, for example, that some people are temporarily unable to pay one or more installments of a loan previously requested.

Repair Home New: insurance against damage to the building, breakdowns, and repairs

Repair Home New: insurance against damage to the building, breakdowns, and repairs

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Whoever buys or builds a house knows how much sacrifice it takes to achieve the goal, which is why it would be good to be sure that in the event of damage, breakdowns, necessary repairs or even theft and earthquakes, the building is covered by a policy. The policy may cover civilian housing […]

Fast loans: cash within 48 hours

Fast loans

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Fast loans are the most frequently requested financial formulas. These are methods that respond to the need for immediate liquidity, ensuring liquidity within a maximum of 48 hours: an agile and convenient solution, since it allows you to satisfy a very strict need, without having to observe long bureaucratic procedures for requesting results. …]

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For those who own real estate, the rent represents a good income, on condition that the tenant honors the stipulated contract. From the 2008 crisis to the present, the banks have operated a wide crackdown in terms of access to credit; consequently, a halving of the number of sales was revealed.