Loans Canada Expands Partner Programs with New Affiliate Program Features and Loan Finder Widget

TORONTO, January 21, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Loans Canada, the country’s leading loan search platform, has matched hundreds of thousands of Canadian consumers with the loan, credit and debt relief services they need. Founded in 2012 by Scott Satov, CA, CFA, Loans Canada has quickly grown into one of the largest networks of consumer lenders in Canada.

“I created Canada Loans because I saw that Canadians were rejected by the banks and then got stuck in the payday loan debt cycle because there were no others. options, ”Satov said. “We are always looking to expand and improve our services for our customers. This includes making sure we have the best possible partners and a user-friendly platform. “

Educate Canadian Consumers

In addition to connecting clients with a variety of loan options, Loans Canada is dedicated to empowering Canadians to make informed financial decisions. Through a wide variety of educational resources, including educational articles, infographics, videos and a lender directory, Loans Canada helps clients make informed decisions based on accurate and expert information.

When it comes to important financial decisions, Canadian consumers need information they can trust. Loans from Canada efforts in this area have been rewarded with consistent growth in organic traffic year over year. With the combination of their ever-growing library of content and valuable partners, Canadian consumers can rest easy knowing that Loans Canada has created a platform they can trust.

Make borrowing more accessible

Loans Canada aims to make borrowing more accessible to all Canadians, regardless of their credit or past financial decisions.

To make borrowing more accessible, Loans Canada has implemented several features to allow consumers to take control of their lending journey, choose who they want to work with and quickly access a variety of alternative financial solutions, it doesn’t matter where they are or what device they are. using.

Loans from Canada The new loan finder widget gives Canadian consumers the ability to request the variety of Loans Canada services from more locations. Additionally, the loan finder widget benefits Loans Canada partners by allowing clients to complete their financial service requests directly on the partner’s website or mobile app. Technical Director Cris Ravazzano explains: “Our loan finder widget is the perfect tool for customers and partners, as it allows our partners to expand their service offerings and improve their overall customer experience. It’s a win-win solution for everyone involved. “

Continuous network expansion

As a pioneer and market leader in loans in CanadaCanada Loans strives to continually improve and expand its service offerings and partnerships in order to continue to provide the best options to its clients. To learn more about Loan Canada partner programs, including its affiliate programs, visit this page.

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chief technology officer
Loans Canada
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1 877 995 6269 ext 789

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