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Sheriff’s Department investigators are investigating what happened in the moments leading up to a confrontation involving a man wearing a ‘Your mask is making you stupid’ shirt who shouted profanities during an anti-mask blast in a Southern California parking lot.

“Stay scared! Keep your masks on, it doesn’t even work!” the unidentified man can be heard screaming in a video taken last Thursday in the community northeast of Los Angeles.

“Look at this adult man with a mask,” he continues, pointing to the man behind the camera. “What a fucking coward!”

That video, and the man whose rant it captured, are now being investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, after witnesses said the angry man harassed children in the parking lot of a shopping center near a college in La Crescenta.

LASD says it is trying to find out what led up to the incident being filmed. Witnesses said the man appeared to verbally insult middle school students for their decision to wear a mask to protect against COVID-19.

Another adult stepped in to tape the end of the confrontation, and investigators are now trying to identify the screaming man, who can be seen in the video wearing shorts and a t-shirt that says “Your mask will looks stupid”.

The cameraman, who did not want to be identified beyond his first name, Ned, said he tried to intervene after seeing the small crowd being shouted at.

“I found out there were children,” Ned said. “I saw adults watching, they didn’t do anything in particular. And he just kept going, and he got closer to them.”

Ned believes the man in the t-shirt was targeting mask-wearing students leaving Rosemont Middle School. Then the anti-mask man turned on him.

“Look at this grown man with a mask!” he says in the video, following up the statement by calling Ned a swear word and an idiot.

“My kids have to wear a fucking mask, so fuck you!” the man tells Ned in the video, before falsely claiming masks “don’t work” to reduce the chances of catching COVID and calling it “fuckin’ child abuse.”

According to the CDC“masks are made to contain the droplets and particles you breathe in, cough or sneeze in,” while respirators like N95 or KN95 masks can “protect you by filtering air and fitting tightly to the face to filter out particles, including the virus that causes COVID-19.”

As long as masks are worn consistently and correctly, both masks and respirators are effective in reducing COVID transmission.

LASD confirms the fulminating man left before deputies arrived at the scene.

“Anyone who has a First Amendment right, who disagrees with something that’s going on in this country can do whatever they want,” said acting captain Robert Hahnlein of the LASD Crescenta Valley office. “But we’re going to consider this a criminal matter and see if there are any violations to that.”

The parents, whose children were not involved, say that the children who were there also have rights.

“Why didn’t the sheriff’s department take an incident report, file it, and treat these kids like the victims they are?” said Emilie Lanigan.

“It was an adult, on minors,” said Elia Silveyra, who works as a social worker. “I protect minors on a daily basis, at my job. And that’s not how it was done, towards them.”

Ned, who shared the video on NextDoor, hopes the angry man calms down.

“I respect her freedom to not want to wear a mask, I can see that point,” he said. “But these children have the freedom to wear a mask, if they think it protects them.”

LASD is also in contact with Glendale City and Glendale School Police, who are investigating the same man for similar outbursts.

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