ND hunters might express relief amid higher grocery bills / Public press service

FARGO, ND – In its latest outlook on food prices, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said the rise in food prices may not stabilize until next year.

In the meantime, a North Dakota project involving hunters could connect households to a key source of nutrition.

Community Action Partnership (CAP) is once again running its Sportsmen Against Hunger initiative. Each fall, hunters are encouraged to donate a portion of their deer and elk meat and other designated game to pre-approved meat processors. Products are delivered to food shelves throughout North Dakota.

Carmel Froemke, statewide outreach coordinator for CAP, said some families may still recover from the economic hardships caused by the pandemic. She added that there was now the problem of more expensive races.

“If you bought a steak or a burger, chicken, turkey, everything costs more,” Froemke observed.

She said the donated meat can be a vital source of protein for families in need, especially when these types of products are traditionally difficult to obtain on the food aisle. Last year, the program recorded a record of around 4,000 pounds of donated meat. This year, the USDA said home food prices rose 2.5%.

Froemke pointed out that the rich tradition of North Dakota families who go on hunting trips each fall serves as an inspiring backdrop in efforts to fight hunger. It describes the awareness of sharing the spoils with others.

“Some people don’t eat deer meat or eat too much for their families,” Froemke noted. “And it’s just a great way to benefit the whole community by donating.”

Froemke said they could use the help of more processors in western North Dakota to ensure the product is prepared for area food shelves. As for recipients, organizers say they are not required to take any additional steps to bring home the donated product.

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