Network Operators Follow Mol’s Lead By Partnering With Intersec To Provide € 50 Million Public Warning System

The Intersec GeoSafe solution will enable authorities to take advantage of emerging technologies such as rapid location data processing, machine learning algorithms and Europe Galileo satellite navigation system to track and respond to incidents as they arise. It provides state-of-the-art tools such as density maps, automatic selection of appropriate communication channels based on circumstances, in-app notifications, sirens, and retargeting of populations as a crisis unfolds. takes place. It will also send SMS alerts in real time, adapted to the proximity of the recipient to an incident.

Commenting on the ad Ingolf Ruh, Chief Revenue Officer at Intersec, said:

I am delighted that our technology has been recognized in one of the largest European countries as the best way to deliver a fast and fully automated process that will affect as many people as possible and save lives. As the only European supplier offering cutting-edge technology, Intersec had to compete with some major international players to win this contract. We have successfully demonstrated that the depth of our knowledge in geodata and telecommunications can provide a reliable, flexible and sustainable solution..

He keeps on: “Although mobile phone alerts are the most visible part of this public alerting system, it takes a lot more than text to keep people safe. Our solution will provide the flexibility and responsiveness needed to keep government and populations informed and will remain technologically relevant. for years to come, delivering the right data to the right people at the right time.

Although having entered this market more recently than some of the rival bidders, Intersec was perfectly positioned to fulfill the requirements of the contract, possibly because its The solution is not a legacy product that has undergone successive transformations over the years, but has been built from the ground up using recent techniques such as fast data and AI. With offices on all continents, the company has more than 100 clients in 80 countries and today provides access to the location of nearly a billion humans and connected objects. He first began developing software to deliver high-volume, high-speed data for the telecommunications industry, before carving out a space for himself by developing location technology for operators. A public alerting system requires precisely this combination of speed and location accuracy, as well as an understanding of the implementation challenges at government and operator level.

Connected in times of crisis

The platform provided by Intersec will include an application called GeoSafe Crisis Management, which will be used by government departments. There will also be a mediation platform which will allow alert messages to be routed to the infrastructures of mobile network operators present in mainland France and in the French overseas departments and territories. Following the innovative example of the MoI, most of the country’s major telecommunications operators are preparing to adopt the Intersec solution.

Data privacy and security are of the utmost importance and the privacy of mobile subscriber data will be protected by an algorithm, which presents location data to public service end users in an anonymized and aggregated manner. This will allow public services to fulfill their missions, while maintaining the location of mobile devices within the limits of the networks of telecommunications operators, who will send single messages to these recipients.

The need for a better way to deliver targeted, accurate and real-time data to people affected by major events such as natural disasters, industrial or transportation accidents and terrorist attacks has been evident internationally for some time. . The announcement of the project was made by the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara pompili and the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin exactly one year after the fire at the Lubrizol chemical plant, which affected thousands of people and led to a government investigation1.

As an additional incentive, the European Commission has asked each country to Europe is expected to have a digital population alert system in place by 2022, and many EU member states are planning to France as an example to follow. France aims to make its new Intersec public alert system operational within the next 12 months.

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