New Hope Clinic provides health care to the uninsured

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The New Hope Clinic in Brunswick County has served the community for more than 20 years. Their mission: to ensure that all members of their community have access to health care.

“Just because you don’t have insurance and you don’t have an income doesn’t mean you don’t have health issues,” said chief executive Sheila Roberts.

The clinic provides a variety of medical and specialty care, dental care, and prescription drugs to low-income and uninsured residents. They have a small team of employees and over 150 volunteers who keep the organization going.

“You know, helping people who are less fortunate who are in the community to have the things that help make life healthy – health care,” said pharmacy manager Hailey Murray.

Murray began volunteering for the organization nearly a decade ago, after his late mother who worked there insisted the clinic needed a pharmacist. Now she is one of the employees there, working as the pharmacy manager.

“As a pharmacist, I feel really lucky that this is a position that the clinic can use. Not that all donations aren’t meaningful, but I can use my skills to help,” Murray said.

The New Hope Clinic sees more than 1,000 patients a year at its Boiling Spring Lakes facility. The organization remains busy trying to publicize its services, so that uninsured people know they have options.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t find us until they have a medical condition that has become so serious,” says manager Sheila Roberts. “So we try to partner with other social service organizations – food pantries, senior centers. Just anywhere that’s willing to put up one of our posters.

Although the clinic has seen thousands of patients, Roberts says even changing a patient’s life is enough.

“Just to know that we are capable of giving a person a better chance. It’s not perfect, but I hope we give them tools so they can live healthier lives, so they can be there for their family members, their kids, their grandkids.” , Roberts said.

The clinic is always looking for more volunteers and donations. To find out how you can help, click here.

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