Northwestern provides update on its social justice commitments and discusses future plans Northwestern provides updates on its social justice commitments

A year after Northwestern released its social justice pledges following the murder of George Floyd, University President Morton Schapiro provided an update on NU’s progress in a message to the community on Wednesday.

The University’s ten commitments, which were announced in June 2020, included plans to increase diversity in the NU community and support for marginalized staff, review the role of policing in community safety, and allocate funds. for racial equity in Evanston and Chicago.

In Wednesday’s email, Schapiro said there would be an increase in the number of under-represented community members next year, as the class of 2025 has historic levels of Black, Latin, Indigenous representation. and first generation. Additionally, the renovation of the Black House is nearing completion, according to the email.

This fall, faculty and leaders of the University will participate in an anti-racism education program called “The Next 250”. After senior management took steps to increase their own understanding of anti-racism in the fall of 2020, the program was expanded to train 250 University employees.

During the 2021-2022 academic year, NU will also be implementing a program through the Equity Office to bring restorative justice to campus, and plans to launch a digital anti-racism training series for all students, faculty and staff in spring 2022.

The University also recently announced its policy on the diversity of candidate lists, which came into effect on June 14, as well as changes to caregiver support by the Office of Human Resources, both of which will affect l staff experience. In Evanston, NU announced the recipients of its racial equity and community partnership grants earlier this month.

The complaint process for campus security services has also changed this year, moving from the Department of Safety and Security to University Compliance. A promised community safety review is expected to be released by June 30.

Looking ahead, NU said it would continue to assess ways to implement the fight against racism across the university and continue with the commitments it made last June.

“A culture change – especially in a diverse and vibrant community like ours – requires both urgent action and patience,” the email said. “Systematic change doesn’t happen overnight, but it can and should happen. “

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