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Annmarie Florest, MSW, LICSW

IRON RANGE — The Range Mental Health Center (RMHC) board of trustees has named its clinical director to lead the nonprofit agency.

Annmarie Florest was named CEO of OMRM by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. Florest succeeds Janis Allen and had served as interim CEO since Allen’s departure in mid-April.

“We are pleased to make this announcement and to share that Annmarie is our new CEO,” said Board Chairman Tom Krause. “We are confident that she will create an environment in which employees are proud to work for OMRM, and that in turn they will help Annmarie achieve the goals that the board is asking for. »

Florest excelled as interim CEO, Krause added, leading to increased employee interest and investment in the agency.

“We have confidence in her that operations will continue to improve, customer services will increase and we will be better off financially,” Krause said. “She has demonstrated that she has the skills and leadership qualities to make all of this possible.”

Florest, MSW, LICSW, has been at RMHC since December 2018, as an outpatient therapist and clinical director. Prior to joining the agency, she held various positions at People Inc., including Director of Operations, for 17 years. She also served as a social worker at Abbott Northwestern Hospital for a year.

She holds a master’s degree in social work, with an emphasis on clinical practice, from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree in social work with a minor in psychology from Metropolitan State University.

OMRM board member Gayle Dibley said Florest’s vast knowledge and experience in behavioral health makes her a good fit for the CEO position. Her culture, calm, compassion and willingness to learn make her an exceptional leader.

“We are thrilled that she is ready to take on the responsibilities,” Dibley added. “His philosophy of teamwork and his efforts to strengthen teamwork within the family of OMRM employees are very important.”

Since April, Florest has worked hard to improve the Range Mental Health Center by creating an environment of trust with employees while actively engaging them to help determine the direction of the agency. OMRM is undergoing a strategic transformation while striving to achieve certification as a Community Behavioral Health Clinic.

Florest said she was honored and honored by her nomination.

“I see opportunities for us to grow, evolve and improve,” Florest said, adding that she enjoys taking on challenges and seeking creative solutions. “We can do more and be more for the people we serve and for our employees. We have so many great people working here. I want to help make this place a place where they want to continue to work and grow.

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