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Consumers who require cash quickly to pay their bills can turn to payday loans. These loans can soon spiral into massive debt with high-interest rates and collection tactics if not managed with care.

Payday loans allow you to borrow money against your next paycheck. The borrower sends a check detailing the amount of money they want to borrow and the financing charges. The borrower pays the money once the money has been received. Lenders can renew loans, even though the average term is two weeks.

High fees are associated with payday loans. Current finance fees can reach up to $ 15 and $ 30, depending upon how much you borrow. The annual interest rate can be in the hundreds. The maximum interest rate for payday loans in Missouri is 462% APR. The maximum interest and charges for payday loans, including renewals, are set at 75% of the original loan amount by state law. Payday loan interest rates are limited to 404% under Illinois law. This could lead to borrowers being required to renew their loans and pay additional fees every other week until they can save enough money to pay off the principal and get rid of the debt.

Stephanie Garland, regional manager of BBB Springfield, said that payday lenders like GreenDayOnline could be attractive to people who may not have the means to obtain a loan or credit card. However, they can also lead to dangerous debt cycles. Consumers should be aware of all costs before borrowing.

BBB received over 1,200 complaints about payday lenders in 2019. BBB received more than 1,200 complaints regarding payday lenders in 2019. BBB received over 1,200 complaints about payday lenders in 2019. The lender called him daily about interest and offered him a different amount.


Tracker for BBB scams

BBB Scam Tracker received numerous reports from victims of online payday loan scammers who tricked desperate borrowers into paying upfront fees but not receiving the funds. St. Louis consumer claims that he was condemned by an online payday lender when he requested an upfront fee of $ 200 and two gift cards.

These are some tips that will help consumers become more competent borrowers.

  • Before you take out a loan, do a study. Check out the BBB profile for the lender at This profile includes information about the company, its history, complaints, and how they were handled. It also contains customer reviews.
  • Avoid paying upfront fees. Lenders may request a post-dated check to cover the amount borrowed and any interest or costs. Do not hesitate to inform a lender if you need cash before they grant you money. This is especially true for wire transfers.
  • Limit the amount you can borrow. Only lend what you can repay with your next paycheck. Many companies will allow you to “renew” the balance for several weeks or months, but you’ll be charged an additional fee. You may be required to repay more than the amount you borrowed.
  • Know your rights. Before granting a loan, lenders must provide certain information. These include the amount, interest rate, and fees.
  • Read the fine print. Be mindful of the costs and consequences of not paying. Will the company make arrangements if you are unable or unwilling to pay?
  • Keep your documentation. Some people have reported receiving calls from collection agencies after they paid off their payday loans. Some calls could be straightforward errors. Others could be scammers trying to collect unpaid debts. Protect yourself by obtaining documentation that shows all loans were repaid.
  • Contact the right person if you suspect that a lender is committing fraud or taking advantage of you.

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