Park of the town of Estes selected for the national community forest fire planning assistance program | News from Parc d’Estes

Estes City Park has been selected to receive forest fire planning assistance in 2021 under the National Forest Fire Community Planning Assistance Program (CPAW).

As wildfires increasingly affect communities across the country, CPAW provides communities with a variety of services, including land use planning recommendations, personalized research, online tools, and other resources to integrate l forest fire mitigation in the planning process. The goal of the CPAW program is to reduce the threat of wildfires to homes and businesses while increasing public safety and community well-being.

“Forest fires are the danger that keeps our decision-makers from sleeping at night,” says Alex Bergeron, urban planner for Estes Park. “Forest fires scare us more than floods, drought, geophysical issues or any other traditional Rocky Mountain hazard. It is our greatest threat, and it is vital that we do everything in our power to mitigate it. “

Participation in CPAW is voluntary and does not cost the community anything. This innovative program was founded in 2015 and is a program of the Headwaters Economics nonprofit. CPAW is funded by grants from the US Forest Service and private foundations. To date, CPAW has worked with 75 communities across the country.

“Communities are increasingly taking action at the local level to address the complex challenges of forest fires. By proactively planning our homes and neighborhoods with wildfire in mind, we can reduce risk to the community and adapt to life with wildfires, ”said Doug Green, CPAW Program Manager.

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