Pequea Valley Makes Necessary Fixes to Best Agricultural Education Program in the State | Community News

When: Pequea Valley School Board meeting, May 12.

What happened: The board heard a presentation from Department of Agriculture teacher Douglas Masser on how the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s items for remedial action were handled.

The Department of Education periodically audits schools to ensure they comply with state regulations. When they find shortcomings, the district is required to show how it plans to correct them. The Pequea Valley Agricultural Department is considered part of their vocational and technical education program, which must meet additional requirements.

Why it matters: According to Masser’s presentation, the Department of Education actually commended the district for exposing all high school teachers to the program and introducing the program to middle school. The comments that required correction were mostly administrative, such as tracking students and generating hard copies of electronic forms.

Other events: Masser and fellow agriculture department teacher Jasmine Vansant were recognized by the school board this month. This year, the Pennsylvania Association of Agriculture Education honored Pequea Valley for Best Agriculture Program and also named Vansant as the Top Teacher Mentor for 2022.

What happens next: The next school board meeting will take place on May 31 and will begin with a public hearing on the new construction project at 6 p.m. followed by the regular meeting.

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