Political profile: Patrick Griffin, candidate for municipal council of Providence in the 14th arrondissement

Sunday, August 28, 2022

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PHOTO: Patrick Giffin

Patrick Griffin is a candidate for the municipal council of Providence in the 14th arrondissement. Here’s what he has to say.

1. What is the biggest “political issue” of this campaign?


With the upcoming election of a new mayor and a significant number of council members, it is essential that our local elected officials have a “shared vision” for Providence. The city faces a myriad of critical issues (public safety, education, municipal services, affordable housing). It is essential that from “day one” there is a desire and willingness to work collaboratively to identify and implement realistic solutions to these challenges.

2. What do we need to improve the economy of Providence?

I have owned and continuously operated my own business (Patrick’s Pub) since 1992. As a small business entrepreneur, I understand better than anyone the challenges faced every day by businesses trying to survive and hopefully grow. . Dealing with the lingering effects of Covid has pushed many small businesses to the brink.

I will be a tireless advocate with the city administration and planning department to identify state and federal funds, including American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds that, unfortunately, the city has been extremely slow to distribute. , to provide increased low-interest loans to more businesses across the city. .

3. What is the biggest challenge facing Providence as a city?

In my opinion, there are several “biggest challenges” facing the city. One of them is trust. The confidence of city residents that elected officials are listening to them, working to keep them and their families safe, and acting on their behalf. Confidence that the city can provide quality education to our young people to ensure they are “future ready”. Finally, the confidence among our business community and fellow Rhode Islanders that the city is a safe place to invest in their businesses and to hang out and socialize.

Public safety is an important part of my campaign platform. I have the state several times; I will support funding to maintain our police force at full complement of officers. I will advocate for renewed community policing in our neighborhoods and commercial areas. It is a proven fact that building relationships between the police and the local community helps build trust and helps reduce crime. Finally, our city needs, and should have, a full-time fire chief.

Implementing sensible long-term solutions to provide affordable housing and addressing the city’s long-standing unfunded pension liability are two other critical issues. Our citizens deserve clean, safe and affordable places to live. Likewise, we must be certain that city workers, hard-working and faithful, receive the retirement benefits they have earned.

4. Why do I run for office and make me particularly qualified?

I live in Providence and have been running a small business since 1992.

I’m running for office because after working for the city in multiple capacities for 15 years, I’m extremely knowledgeable about how to navigate “the system” and resolve residents’ issues. During those 15 years, I was director of low-income housing maintenance for the former Providence Community Action Program. I have also worked in various departments at City Hall, most recently in Constituent Services at the City Council Office. It is this experience and understanding of each municipal department and its manager that I believe constitutes my unique qualification.

5. Who is my inspiration?

Excellent question. I have always admired former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill. Specifically, his ability to work collaboratively and constructively with former President Ronald Reagan. Despite numerous political and ideological differences, the two men repeatedly put politics aside for the benefit of American citizens. If fortunate enough to be elected, I will bring that same commitment to working together on City Council for the benefit of the residents of Ward 14 and the City of Providence. The famous quote from “Tip”, “All politics is local”, remains true.

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