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What technologies will power the future of digital public services?

As the capabilities and expectations of utilities change, so does the technological infrastructure that supports them.

Last year’s UKAuthority virtual conference, Powering Digital Public Services, saw a host of digital, data and technology public sector leaders explain how they had met the challenges of Covid19

Without exception, organizations have risen to the challenge of doing more, responding quickly to new demands, and demonstrating agility in moving services to new bases – especially those in the cloud. The experience had a profound impact on how the industry approached and leveraged technology, and led to a shift in thinking about how they will move forward.

This was highlighted and accelerated by the public sector response to the Covid-19 pandemic, but reflects a trend that was already in place. It also showed that the stakes are not entirely technical and financial, and that in decision-making there are questions to be asked about data protection, digital inclusion and environmental sustainability.

These issues continue to be on the agenda, reflecting the social responsibilities of the sector, and must be taken into account in future investments in the technology that powers the services.

Find the information note of the event “Cloud technologies
the future of public services‘ here.

Join us for Powering Digital Public Services 2022

Join us next month to learn how cloud, low-code, automation, and virtual work have all come of age during the pandemic. Our fantastic lineup of speakers will explore innovation and transformation – focusing on the technologies that have the potential to power the frontline services of tomorrow.

Speakers include: Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs | tech UK | Police digital service | West Midlands 5G | Department of Leveling, Housing and Communities | London Office of Technology and Innovation | London Borough of Lambeth | Nutanix | Rackspace Technology | UiPath | IEG4

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