Punjab: Punjab Election Results: AAP’s ‘Delhi Model’ Proves Biggest Attraction For Punjab Voters, Party Leaders Say | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The promise of better public services, good quality schools and hospitals, which won the AAP two consecutive terms in Delhi, has remained the constant campaign theme of the Arvind Kejriwal-led party in polls in Punjab where the party swept assembly polls on Thursday.
Caught in a multi-faceted contest with Congress and the Shiromani Akali Dal in the state, Kejriwal had unveiled a 10-point “model of Punjab” drawn from his model of governance in Delhi, and assured voters to create a new era, prosperous and forward-looking.
While Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the whole country is now looking at Kejriwal’s governance model in Delhi, senior AAP official Gopal Rai said people have entrusted their tenure at the AAP in Punjab by reviewing the work of the party government under Kejriwal in Delhi.
“Our Delhi governance model has proven to be the biggest attraction among voters. The kind of work that has been done by the Delhi government under Kejriwal in education, health and other sectors has sent a positive message and gave hope to the people of Punjab,” Delhi’s environment minister told PTI.
Attacked by opponents like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Sukhbir Badal during the Punjab campaign for his alleged association with separatists, Kejriwal had joked: “I may be the nicest terrorist in the world, building hospitals and schools for people and sending the elderly on pilgrimages. »
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in power in Delhi for the past seven years has come up with a model of governance (Delhi Model) which encompasses its policies and programs in various areas including health, education, security and women’s empowerment, home-based service delivery, free electricity and water supply, free bus transport for women and the fight against corruption.
On the last day of campaigning in Punjab, February 18, Kejriwal said he had been branded a terrorist by “corrupt” leaders in the state he had shaken up.
“What is the fault of the AAP? All we ask for is a chance to build good schools and good hospitals like Delhi. We will bring honest government to Punjab and eradicate corruption like we did in Delhi.”
“I build schools and hospitals for the general public, but I am a terrorist for these people. These people cannot sleep at night because of me. They are terrified of my party.”
Creation of employment opportunities for young people, drug-free Punjab, toughest penalties for sacrilege, end of bribery and Corruption-free Punjab, transformation of education system, construction of modern hospitals, 16,000 Mohalla clinics for free healthcare, 24/7 free electricity supply and deposit of Rs 1000 in the accounts of all women over 18 are some of the promises made by AAP under the model of the Punjab.
“We must form a strong government by bringing more than 80 seats. The people of Delhi have rejected and ousted the BJP-Congress from power in Delhi. Now only the AAP has a stronghold in the nation’s capital. Likewise, we will build schools -hospitals in Punjab like Delhi and provide all necessary facilities including 24/7 electricity supply free of charge.

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