Purchase OK paint tester for HCCAO

The purchase of a $23,000 paint chip tester was discussed and approved at the Wednesday morning meeting of the Highland County Board of Commissioners.

Mark Current, the Highland County Community Action Organization (HCCAO) housing director, said that when the HCCAO conducts an inspection for a Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) job, it is they have to observe a type of paint, they have to do a risk assessment to see if there is lead-based paint or not.

He said they now have to take a paint chip sample, which takes time. Current said this was because they didn’t need to get the wood, but also to get all the paint in a specific one-inch-square section of the paint surface.

Current said the type of products they were talking about replacing the current process were types of XRF, an X-ray fluorescent device that the worker holds against the paint surface and then pulls the trigger, which within seconds indicates whether or not it’s lead-based paint. He said that compared to how samples were taken before, where they could only take a dozen or two dozen samples, the new device could take samples and the results would be known immediately.

However, he said the reason HCCAO did not have them before is that they are expensive. The HCCAO reviewed two types of scanners.

He said the first was one that uses cobalt, a radioactive material, which degrades over time and needs to be renewed every two years. He said it would cost $17,000 and about $4,000 more every two years to get new resources.

Current said the second type was an electron x-ray tube. He said they last about 10 years before the tubes need to be replaced. He also said that this type costs about $23,000 and about $3,000 to have the tube replaced about every 10 years.

Current said the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Health were collaborating and said they would provide funding of $23,150, which would include the $150 shipping for the most expensive version. He said HCCAO would like to buy that one because in the long run it would cost less money overall.

He said the item would be the property of the county and the HCCAO would develop a memorandum of understanding which it would use for CHIP purposes and also store and care for the device.

In other news, commission chairman Jeff Duncan said regarding fair attendance that he hasn’t spoken to the fair board yet, but there were several low days. participation.

“It seemed to me that their presence was pretty awful at the start of the week because of the weather,” Duncan said. “But, I spoke to one of the fair board members, I guess towards the end of the week, and Friday and Saturday are usually big days for them, and the weather was supposed to cooperate, so they were hoping for a good turnout for that. Of course, I’m just judging by the appearance of the parking lot and the crowds, but it looks like they had pretty good attendance over those two days.

Commissioner Dave Daniels said it usually takes the fair board about a week to 10 days to work out sales numbers and statistics.

In addition, the Board of Commissioners approved the renewal of a maintenance contract with Weller’s Plumping.

Commissioner Terry Britton said it was an annual contract the county had with Weller’s for scheduled maintenance throughout the year with all facilities in the county. He said scheduled maintenance covers all HVAC maintenance at all of these facilities, as well as monthly filter changes and similar work.

Britton said the cost of the contract had increased “because of the inflation issues we have across the country.” He said it went from $28,661 last year to $39,024 this year.

In another development, the council approved the enactment of a Hazmat plan with the local Highland County emergency planning agency.

The commissioners also approved two execution authorizations, the first being the satisfaction of the mortgage with Raymond and Jeretta Ballein, and the second being a quote for IP Intercom and a Synitel control system upgrade with Stanley Convergent Security Solutions. , Inc.

Two resolutions were approved by the board:

* Res. No. 22-154 is an agreement allowing the Board of Commissioners to be the beneficiary of the partnership between Highland County and the City of Hillsboro and to appoint the Highland County Community Action Organization to submit an application for XRF analyzer funding on behalf of the CHIP program and administrator.

* Res. Number 22-155 is an authorization for the execution of a Local Jail Capital Project Grant Agreement for the Highland County Correctional Facility.

There were also four contracts approved by the Board of Commissioners, which are as follows:

* Contract 75 is between the Commissioners and the Highland County Senior Citizens Center for a sub-grant agreement for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for Meals on Wheels and Meals Program.

* Contract 76 is between the board, the state, and the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction for the local jail capital project.

* Contract 77 is entered into between the Board of Directors, Fortress Technologies and the Sheriff of Highland County for a service contract commencing September 21, 2022, until terminated.

* Contract 78 is between the board, the Highland County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DD) and the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) for a standard Affirmation and Disclosure Form to govern the expenditure of public funds for offshore services and the answer.

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Mark Current, the Highland County Community Action Organization (HCCAO) housing director, discusses the possible purchase of a pint chip tester during the Wednesday morning meeting of the County Board of Commissioners Highland.

County commissioners discuss fair turnout

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