Quilt Guild donates to hospice residents and homeless veteran’s baby

Charles M. Schulz, creator of the beloved ‘Peanuts’ comic, was onto something when he inspired the animated show, ‘Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown’, to illustrate for the world what something as a quilt can mean to someone and why.

Quilts passed on to family members

Charity Naim, social worker at Carl Vinson VA, and a member of the Crossroads Quilt Guild in Perry, Georgia, donated 12 quilts for veteran hospice residents over the holiday season. Sadly, these honorable veterans may have seen their last Thanksgiving, New Years, and the holidays in between.

“About 100 members are part of our guild and we have donated quilts to the Carl Vinson VA homeless program for the past seven years,” Naim said.

With 11 hospice residents receiving quilts, that meant there was one left. At the Carl Vinson VA in Dublin, Georgia, nothing goes to waste.

So many vets with kids who need help

“Charity informed me that one of her duvets was perfect for a baby. I immediately thought of one of our homeless veterans who was in our maternity care program and was due to deliver one day in each other,” said Tammie Campbell, Women’s Health Social Worker. “We have so many veterans with children who need help. The quilt is the icing on the cake of the items we pack and provide them all year round, especially during our annual baby shower in April.

Our veteran hospice heroes will leave this world and their remains will be escorted by VA Police and the Dublin VAMC Honor Guard where they will be transported for funeral services.

If the quilts provide safety and security to help them face this moment, then the time and effort put in by the Crossroads Quilt Guild will have been well worth it.

The quilts will be passed down to family members where memories will continue to be created and cherished.

If happiness is a warm blanket, then a lovingly handmade quilt is truly a treasure.

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