“Social Scientists Leading the Way” – Pi Gamma Mu 2021 virtual triennial convention

The Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society Triennial International Convention 2021 in Social Sciences will be held online from November 3-6, 2021. It will be a fully online virtual experience including student research presentations, guest speakers , a leadership development program and much more. .

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Winfield, KS – (Release the thread) – 07/09/2021 – It’s time for the Pi Gamma Mu Triennial International Honor Society convention again. This year promises to be exciting, affordable and safe. This is the first virtual convention attempted by the organization, but one that is sure to please everyone in this time of COVID. The students of the sections of this organization waited for this convention for the opportunity to present articles and posters, to hear renowned speakers and to meet other honorary students from colleges and universities in the country. With the lingering issues of the COVID pandemic and dwindling income available for student travel, this year’s virtual convention will be a crowd-pleaser. Dr. Suzanne Rupp, Executive Director of the organization, is excited about the move to a virtual conference. “The Board of Directors is delighted to offer an updated format for the convention so that more chapters can participate. Having a virtual convention is very affordable for students, and we expect more sections to be able to attend ”. The virtual event will be offered from Wednesday November 3 to Saturday November 6. Webinars and Zoom sessions will highlight speakers from our Leadership Development program and awards will be given to honor students and chapters who have excelled in studying and serving their communities.

At this year’s congress, we will be honoring historic and current Pi Gamma Mu members who have demonstrated excellence in their field. We are proud to bring awesome speakers to our conventions for students and faculty. Pi Gamma Mu has an illustrious history of membership which includes such famous leaders as Admiral Richard E. Byrd and President Lyndon B. Johnson. One of those members is Dr Judith Rodin, who was selected to receive our Distinguished Alumni Award at this year’s Pi Gamma Mu 2021 virtual convention. Dr. Rodin, a Pi Gamma Mu member since her undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the most powerful and influential women in the world. During her 22 years at Yale University, she held various professional and academic positions as Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of Psychology, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Rector of the university. Rodin was appointed president of the University of Pennsylvania in 1994 and became the first female president of an Ivy League institution and the university’s first graduate to assume her highest leadership role.

From 2005 to 2017, she was President of the Rockefeller Foundation and, in her philanthropic role, wrote “The Resilience Dividend,” which has become a strategic guide for leaders around the world.

US Senator Chuck Grassley (IA) will also join us for an opening address to convention attendees. Senator Grassley received his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Northern Iowa and is a life member of Pi Gamma Mu. He was instrumental in shaping American policy as an American politician.

Other speakers included Congresswoman Diane DeGette, U.S. Representative serving the 1st Congressional District of Colorado, who has been a leading promoter and expert in cutting-edge scientific research, including the use of human embryonic stem cells. She was instrumental in the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), a health insurance program for low-income children, and helped President Obama draft the Affordable Care Act. DeGette is best known for championing the 21st Century Cures Act, which modernized research in the country’s medical system.

US Senator Chuck Grassley (Iowa) will also join us for an opening address to convention attendees. Senator Grassley received his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Northern Iowa and is a life member of Pi Gamma Mu. He was instrumental in shaping American policy as an American politician.

Another feature of the convention is the popular Leadership Development Program, a series launched at the last convention in Kansas City, MO. which focuses on many concepts in leadership. Lectures include discussions on leadership in academia, leadership in special circumstances, and leadership in nonprofit organizations. The program also offers a series of workshops that help students better understand their own leadership skills, the characteristics of strong and weak leadership, and the importance of team collaboration. Students who attend all workshops, lectures and complete all pieces of the leadership program will receive a certificate of completion from Pi Gamma Mu for their resume. Leadership speakers include a program administrator, emergency manager, college dean, journal editor, and experts from the Marine Museum on leadership in military combat. Led by Professor and Board Member Allison Knox, the 7-hour event will feature segmented sessions on Leadership in Literature, showcasing what has been written about leadership as a social science, with a discussion on what the United States Marine Corps teaches its officers. on direction. Leadership in Special Circumstances will focus on the concepts of leadership under pressure and the skills required by leaders in emergency or dangerous situations, with discussions on leadership in combat, leadership in the back of an ambulance , leading a group of people “from the bottom up” as well as the importance of internships. In this section we will take a virtual tour of the National Marine Corps Museum to learn more about what is taught to Marine Corps officers. Students will then have the opportunity to apply these concepts to different events in history through the museum’s special leadership program. Professor Knox, Chancellor of the Southeast Region for Pi Gamma Mu and Professor at American Military University, Eastern Kentucky University and Western Connecticut State University, is currently the At-Large Director of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and is an active advocate for EMS and annually participates in legislative matters by educating members of Congress and their staff on current issues affecting emergency medical services. She will discuss the importance of leadership skills in emergency and crisis situations. Leadership in Academia will address management issues in education as well as how to write effectively as a leader. Dr. Katrina Smith, Director of International Studies and Associate Professor of Psychology at Reinhardt University in Georgia, will share her experiences leading students and colleagues on trips abroad and developing service opportunities in her community. She will talk about her experience and her academic training to teach those around her the importance of developing empathy, good listening skills and action plans. Dr.Susan Kinsella, Professor of Social Services and Dean of the College of Education and Social Services at Saint Leo University, will help students discover their own leadership style with interactive activities and a discussion of lessons learned in leadership. academic. She has over 25 years of teaching and administration experience in higher education, having developed and taught in undergraduate and graduate programs in human services and social work. She has numerous research interests and publications in social service journals that include topics such as child welfare worker skills, academic and community collaborations, leadership capacity building, learning. through service and global and social entrepreneurship. Dr Candice Quinn, Editor-in-Chief of the International Social Science Review, Pi Gamma Mu’s peer-reviewed journal, will close the segment by providing information on how to successfully publish your work, an important topic for students. who at, graduate school. Dr Quinn has led Pi Gamma Mu’s flagship publication for the past eight years and has overseen the journal’s transition from a print magazine to an open-access online journal. She has been an active member of several not-for-profit boards of directors, most notably as president and then honorary president of the American Women’s Club of Southern Ontario. Ms. Emma Grace Thompson, 2018-2021 Student Representative, will make a presentation on the process for electing a student representative to the Pi Gamma Mu Board of Directors. Students will complete the Leadership Development Program with a presentation and virtual field trip to the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Certificates of completion will be awarded to all students who attend and complete the work.

Dr Susan Kinsella, Pi Gamma Mu board member and convention committee chair, says: “The convention is open to all Pi Gamma Mu members, students and graduates. It is full of surprises with a social networking event, webinars and interactive sessions through Zoom, allowing students to create social networks with other chapters present. ”If you have ever wanted to present an article in your discipline, attending a leadership program, taking a virtual tour of the National Museum of the Marine Corps, or listening to a speech from a leading social science authority, then this is the year to advance in your discipline. You can start networking with other professionals in your area and find out what careers await you with your degree. There are also opportunities to be part of the student caucus if you are interested in running for a student seat on the Pi Gamma Mu board of directors. We encourage students to come and meet other honorary students from across the country and faculty to meet other chapter sponsors and to share their ideas on the activities carried out on their campuses. The Pi Gamma Mu 2021 convention promises to be an interesting science event, and we will be looking forward to meeting everyone there. Visit https://whova.com/web/pgmti_202111/ for more information and to register or contact Dr Suzanne Rupp, Executive Director of the Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society, at [email protected]

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