Social worker, pursues its vocation of good policy on another platform

October 29, 2021 | 5:52 AM HIST

Social worker, pursues its vocation of good policy on another platform

Genial Dr Jorson on a mission to address the social and political ills of Goa

Marcos Gonsalves

MARGAO: There comes a stage where political leaders don’t listen to people because of their self-interest and that’s when I was forced into politics to fight for Goa and Goans, said Dr Jorson, turned social worker and politician. Fernandes.

The president of the UGDP joined Congress from Trinamool after serving for the United Democratic Party of Goans for nearly 15 years, with the aim of fighting for Goa and Goans.

Having extensive experience in social services besides the health sector, Dr Jorson Fernandes, better known as Dr Jorson, wants to serve people on a different level.

The Cuncolkar, Dr Jorson said he left the UGDP with a heavy heart. The journey had started a long time ago and had been with the UGDP for almost 15 years.

“Today we can notice the formation of several groups but we do not understand the concept of a united force, in which people can fight for the cause of Goa with greater force. This should be a cardinal point to be kept. in mind for us to fight for Goa and Goans issues, ”he said.

One of the leading doctors in the medical fraternity, Dr Jorson, further said he was there to raise any issues relating to Goa, especially the destruction that may be caused by the three linear projects. or coal.

However, what was

noticed is that people choose to take different avenues after the problem has been resolved.

“We have to note that the people from Mollem to Vasco had come on the same platform to oppose the three linear projects but now all are seen going in different ways. Everyone has their own problems and their hearts are beating for someone else, besides the problems. regarding Goa and Goans. However, once the matter is settled, they return to their own position. And as a result, we do not find the strength to come together, “said Dr Jorson.

He also said that leaving the UGDP is not only due to the fight against the elections, but the cause of Goa and Goans. Elections come and go but our fight will continue.

“Service in the health facility itself is service to society. People talk about social work, what social work we do is doing service to society by taking out professional skills and giving these skills for free. Then it becomes a passion and a vocation, “he said.

According to him, professional service is a structural program that we go through and that we earn a living. Vocation is something where you find the passion to do it without making anyone pay.

“I am not only linked to health care but I fight for social causes. We were fighting against industrial pollution, three linear projects, political problems, besides socio-economic development. These problems were taken up only for the cause of Goa and Goans, ”said Dr Jorson.

He said it was the passion he had had from the year 1985.

Dr Jorson began his social service by first joining the JC de Cuncolim, then the journey began. He went to the Rotary club.

“I ran nearly 130 Rotary clubs from Bijapur to Vasco and from Bhatkal to Chiplun. We carried out projects that year worth Rs 8.25 crore. Then I joined the Red Cross, etc. . “, he informed Herald.

A stage came when the political leaders did not listen to the people out of self-interest and it was at this point that he was forced to step onto the political platform.

“We are not politicians but we want to help Goa and people call us politicians,” he said.

Speaking to Herald, one of Cuncolim’s well-known social workers, Bhiku Dessai proudly said that Dr Jorson is not corrupt and is a sincere social worker.

“He’s a social worker, not a money maker,” Bhiku said.

Bhiku Dessai was the one who first introduced Dr. Jorson to social work, and he still guides. “Dr. Jorson flourished in the social field. Its contribution to society is immense, ”he said.

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