Space available in the New Hanover County Special Assistance Home Program

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – New Hanover County Social Services has funding and space available through the Special Home Assistance Program.

The County Adult Services Unit within the DSS provides case management for recipients of Special Assistance (SA) Home Financial Assistance and Home Support Services.

The program helps Medicaid-eligible adults who need home care with the support they need to stay safely and effectively at home for as long as possible.

Case managers perform in-depth assessments to determine a person’s ability to live at home, such as the client’s functional status and need for care and services, the availability of family, friends and neighbors to provide care and services, availability of and access to care and services from agencies and other formal service providers, ability to pay for housing, and availability of affordable and safe housing.

If a person is determined to be able to stay safely at home with the right help and support, this program provides financial supplementation and helps to develop a care plan with the necessary services so that the person can live at home .

“Providing residents with the services and support they need to live and thrive in our community is a top priority for our Social Services team,” said Director of Social Services Tonya Jackson. “The Special Home Support Program is designed to keep low-income adults in their homes, a space that is familiar and comfortable to them. The program provides financial assistance for monthly living expenses that contribute to support services, food, and other necessities, helping them avoid having to move to a residential facility. We are excited to have the capacity and funding to support New Hanover County citizens who qualify for the program and look forward to talking with applicants about how we can help them.

To be eligible for the Special Home Assistance Program, a person must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Be a resident of New Hanover County
  • Have a completed FL-2 requiring care in a licensed adult care facility, but willing to live at home or in another private living setting
  • Be a U.S. citizen or qualified alien
  • Fully eligible for Medicaid
  • Meet the eligibility criteria for special assistance
  • Be able to maintain health, safety and well-being with appropriate services, such as home support services, home modifications, case management services and necessary supplies
  • Must have unmet financial need

To apply, contact New Hanover County Social Services at (910) 798-3500 to have a social worker arrange an assessment or visit social services website for information.

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