Statement by civil society organizations on opening roads to Taiz and activating mechanisms for the success of the truce in Yemen [EN/AR] – Yemen

We, the civil society organizations signed below, welcome the truce agreement announced, under the auspices of the United Nations, between the parties to the conflict in Yemen. We commend the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, Mr. Hans Grundberg, for taking practical steps to open roads in Taiz and other governorates, as stipulated in the fourth article of the truce agreement.

We affirm that lifting the suffering of the besieged population in Taiz will give real value to the announced truce, reduce the burden on millions of civilians and bring us closer to an end to the war.

We also note that with each day that passes through the truce, civilian casualties fall on rugged mountain roads. The horrifying scenes of vehicles and trucks collapsing with people and goods on the slopes of (Naqeel Dhamran, Haijat Al Abed) are indescribable. They involve the humanity advocated by the United Nations, and any slowdown in ending this tragedy is a real threat to the truce.

Based on our duty and concern to ensure the success of the truce, to be the beginning of a lasting peace and to build a better future for the Yemeni people, we demand the following:

  • A prompt call from the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Yemen for a meeting of the parties, foreseen in the announcement of the truce, to agree on the opening of roads in Taiz and other governorates, in order to to facilitate the movement of civilians (men, women and children), and to guarantee their right to move freely.

  • Complete the prisoner exchange, free the inmates and reveal the fate of missing and missing persons.

  • Neutralize the offices and service institutions in Taiz from the conflict and actively interact on all sides with the efforts of civil society, to restore basic services, mainly water services, agree on a mechanism to exploit the wells belonging to to the local institution and solve the accumulation of garbage and waste in the area of ​​Al Dhabab, west of the city, which is causing an environmental disaster. All of these priorities are urgent.

  • Pay the salaries of all civilian employees, based on the 2014 database of the Ministry of Civil Service and Insurance, as this would be a major step in mitigating the humanitarian crisis and building trust between the parties involved in the process of peace.

  • Neutralize the Social Protection Fund and activate a cycle in accordance with the integral protection system that provides jobs, achieves economic empowerment and preserves the dignity of citizens and the poor.

  • Collect all revenues in one compatible place and manage expenses according to transparent and accountable mechanisms.

  • Provide care to the families of war victims, improve their livelihoods and provide psychological support to rebuild their lives, thus promoting social cohesion and the values ​​of coexistence and peace.

In conclusion, we assure everyone that we will be in permanent meeting during the period of truce. We will communicate with all parties and all actors interested in the humanitarian situation and the suffering of civilians in Taiz. We will also do our utmost to bring the points of view closer and restore trust between the parties, hoping that the Taiz governorate will be the gateway and the key to a comprehensive peace in Yemen.

1. Tamdeen Youth Foundation.
2. Improve the organization of your company.
3. Organization of conflict-free Yemen.
4. Women’s and Children’s Development Center.
5. Promotion of social peace and legal protection.
6. Support for response and development.
7. Rescue Foundation for Human Development.
8. Inhadh for Youth Development Organization
9.National Organizations Development Corporation.
10.Organization of Experts for Development.
11. Through Our Eyes Medical Development Organization.
12. Yemen Children and Youth Organization.
13. Changing Horizons Forum

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