Taipei City Government Goes Paperless and Environmentally Friendly with Electronic Receipt Platform Powered by TPIsoftware

TAIPEI, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – With growing environmental awareness, a sustainable paperless society has been promoted in Taiwan in recent years. As a pioneer, the Taipei City Government has partnered with TPIsoftware to create the “Taipei City Government Electronic Receipt Cloud Platform” ( in its branches. Now, for utilities provided by Taipei City government offices and agencies, citizens can request electronic receipts in addition to the option of traditional paper receipts, which not only reduces the risk of losing paper documents. and the time it takes to retrieve the paper documents. , but also serves as an eco-responsible approach against deforestation to save millions of sheets of paper each year.

Towards an era of smart government with connection and API integration

When planning the platform, TPIsoftware made practical utilities the top priority and took into account the different business objectives and scenarios of each government entity, with the aim of creating a flexible cross-unit platform integrating the systems. existing in offices and agencies. TPIsoftware has digitized the administration process and services, enabling citizens to access public electronic services 24/7, anytime, anywhere. For example, using TPIsoftware’s API interface, issued receipts will be imported seamlessly into the backend of the electronic receipt system, simplifying administration operations and improving efficiency. Citizens benefit from an innovative and environmentally friendly option; Through real-time data synchronization, they can quickly check and download the consolidated electronic receipts from the “Taipei City Government E-receipt Cloud Platform” website. For Taipei City Government, it can also reduce paper consumption and help protect the environment.

An initiation to motivate environmental actions

Michael chang, Director of Enterprise Digital Innovation Division of TPIsoftware, said, “We are honored to have this opportunity to jointly create this electronic receipt platform with Taipei City Government, the first local government to implement a paperless receipt system in Taiwan. In addition, we have built a proprietary offline version for this system to enable the issuance of receipts without Internet access, meeting the needs of administrative staff and improving the operational efficiency of government. “

Ben Yao, CEO of TPIsoftware, said: “TPIsoftware has always positioned itself as a digital practitioner and strives to improve people’s lives through digital technology. We have laid out our vision through this collaboration with Taipei City Government to create an electronic receipt platform and help protect the environment at the same time. Although this is only the beginning, we hope to inspire more people to get involved in protecting the environment and facilitate this mindset in the public and private sectors. “

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