The Best Public Policy and Government Podcasts This Summer

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Podcasts have become an essential source of information for the public and officials. Along with books, periodicals, and social media, podcasts are key parts of the media landscape for leaders around the world, allowing them to hear information – and on their journey to get as much information as possible in their daytime.

Here, Global Government Forum shares a list of the best public policy and politics podcasts that can be useful for your role and provide information that will help you deliver public services in the best possible way.

Seven podcasts to keep you up to date on public policy and leadership…

Global Government Forum Top Questions Podcast

The Global Government Forum’s own podcast brings together public service leaders to share what they’ve learned from their time at the top. From former British cabinet secretary Lord Gus O’Donnell to this week’s episode with senior Canadian civil servant Yazmine Laroche – the first person with a visible disability to be appointed deputy minister in history – every episode of a current or former senior public servant reflects candidly on the challenges they have faced in their careers and what they have learned from them.

OECD Podcast

This short 15-minute podcast provides insight from the economics think tank on how public policy can help improve lives, with recent topics spanning the fight against misinformation, the future of artificial intelligence, and the elements keys to COVID-19 recovery.

Briefing with the Institute for Government

This podcast from the UK-based think tank looks at how to make government work better, examining the Whitehall angle from the top stories each week, it’s an ever-illuminating discussion on how to make government work.

The Development Podcast, World Bank Group

This flagship podcast from the World Bank Group provides insight into international development policy, with insights from researchers and staff on how they are working to solve the biggest international problems – from poverty to climate change, and nutrition education.

Analysis, BBC Radio 4

This weekly show examines many ideas that shape public policy around the world, ranging from Germany’s relationship with Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, to how governments should view their responsibility to future generations.

Political Gabfest, Slate Podcasts

Voted “Favorite Political Podcast” by Apple Podcasts listeners, this long-running American political podcast provides insight into both American politics and broader public policy – a weekly recording of the world’s most influential democracy. world.

The future of work in governments around the world, The Workplace Network

Offering real, on-the-ground insight into how governments are planning for the future of public sector office in the wake of COVID-19, Stéphan Déry, Assistant Deputy Minister of Real Property Services at Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) and President of The Workplace Network, meets his international counterparts. The interviews cover Ireland, Finland, South Korea and New Zealand – and keep an eye on the Global Government Forum for interviews with Déry soon.

…and one to keep up to date with the wider culture:

The Booking Club, with Jack Aldane

Hosted by Jack Aldane of the Global Government Forum, leading authors and commentators discuss their latest books and discoveries in their favorite venues, with discussions of recent books including The Joy of Science, with Jim Al-Khalili ; Dark Money and Dirty Politics, with Peter Geoghegan; and a look at Chaucer: A European Life, with Marion Turner.

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