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New Senior EAP Coordinator Alexis Rodgers.

If you continue to struggle with the challenges and effects of the pandemic, you are not alone. And if you’re looking for help, there’s a place you can go for confidential, caring help and support. This is the message of the new invigorated Employee Assistance Program (EAP)part of the U in better health wellness program offered to faculty and staff throughout Stony Brook University.

“That is my goal and I hope to create safe, inclusive and supportive spaces for all faculty and staff,” said new Senior EAP Coordinator Alexis Rodgers. Rodgers is also a Registered Senior Social Worker with her diploma from the Stony Brook School of Social Welfare and with over a decade of hands-on experience promoting mental health and wellbeing in Suffolk County.

“One of the primary goals of the EAP,” Rodgers said, “is to help employees balance work and personal life. The most dedicated and talented employees find it difficult to separate professional and personal challenges, and it is especially important to support employees during difficult times, as we have all experienced over the past two years.

Rodgers points out that working with the program early in the process can help employees overcome difficult patterns and establish healthy habits. And she points out that the program is also available to resolve issues such as workplace conflict, all available at no cost to faculty, staff, graduate students, retirees and their dependents. “It’s not just about emotional health and well-being, although that’s a key goal,” she said.

More specifically, the EAP provides access to appropriate professional or community resources to help people struggling with issues, including:

  • marital problems • stress at work
  • family problems • legal problems
  • alcohol and substance abuse • financial problems
  • emotional health issues • child care issues
  • domestic violence • elder care issues
  • grief and mourning

Healthier U Director Cathrine Duffy added that the EAP will offer expanded hours for in-person consultations, a variety of in-person and virtual workshops, and the opportunity to “meet your EAP.”

“We want everyone to know all about the full range of services that are available to them,” Duffy said. “We want to be accessible, convenient and a real source of comfort and support for our professors and university staff.”

Learn more about this confidential assessment, referral and counseling program – including hours of operation, locations and contact details here.. Watch for events on the website and through other communications, including mindfulness-based stress reduction training, mental health first aid, “What is Project Hope?” and more. And don’t hesitate to contact Alexis Rodgers at Alexis. [email protected] if you would like her to give a special introduction to your staff or department.

Above all, remember: EAP is there for you!

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