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This morning, a few dozen United to House LA supporters representing labor unions, community organizations and social justice advocates gathered outside the US Bank tower in downtown Los Angeles.

United to House LA is a ballot initiative that will be introduced to LA City voters in November as “Measure ULA.” If passed, it will enact a new tax on the sale of high-value property in LA City; tax revenues would be dedicated to projects and programs aimed at ending homelessness. Properties sold between $5 and $10 million would be taxed once at 4%. Properties sold for more than $10 million would be taxed once at 5.5%. Proponents estimate it would bring in around $8 billion over 10 years. This money would be used to build new supportive housing, preserve existing affordable housing, help tenants at risk of homelessness, and more.

The ULA submitted qualifying signatures to the ballot in May.

United to House LA rally this morning
Amerald Wheatley-Johnson of the LA Community Action Network (LA CAN) speaking at the United to House LA rally this morning

The rally was held in front of the US Bank Tower which was sold in September 2020 for a price of $430 million. If ULA had been in place at the time, the transaction would have generated $23.7 million for Angelenos’ housing needs. According to ULA, this could have paid for more than 170 supportive housing units or provided six months of rental assistance to nearly 3,000 households.

Dolores Mission associate pastor Justin Claravall opened the gathering by speaking about the impact of housing issues on the scope of Angelenos, across age, race, ethnicity and geography. He spoke of how the responsibility for ending homelessness must be shouldered broadly, quoting the Gospel of Luke, “Whoever much is given, much will be required.”

Amerald Wheatley-Johnson of the LA Community Action Network called for support for ULA’s innovative and fast-paced solutions, which she pointed out were written to not only address homelessness, but also root causes of homelessness by preventing vulnerable people like the elderly and people with disabilities from being evicted. from their homes and in the streets.

People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) CEO Jennifer Hark Dietz emphasized that homes don’t just end homelessness, they change lives. She told the success story of a family who recently moved into PATH housing and noted that ULA would address the current lack of resources, which means that PATH and its allies do not have the capacity to do so. faced with the scale of the housing crisis in Los Angeles.

Visit the Yes on Measure ULA website to volunteer or donate to support the work of United to House LA. LA Streetsblog endorsed Measure ULA.

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