Vaccination warrant leads thousands of New York health workers to get vaccinated

Officials touted the mandate’s success in increasing vaccination rates. When it was first announced by the government of the day. Andrew M. Cuomo As of August 16, only 70 percent of nursing home staff had received at least one dose of the vaccine and 77 percent of hospital staff were fully immunized.

In a shift, the governor’s office on Tuesday estimated the total number of hospital workers affected by the warrant at 519,000 statewide, against its estimate of 450,000 when the mandate is announced.

“The people who are on the fence are benefiting from these mandates, bluntly, as a means of making this decision,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio, who also demanded that all who work in New York’s public schools receive at minus a dose of vaccine by next Monday.

While rates were high among healthcare workers as a whole, however, low immunization totals at some facilities sent a warning signal. As of Sunday, less than 65% of staff had received at least one dose of the vaccine at several nursing homes, including the Plaza Rehab and Nursing Center in the Bronx and the Hopkins Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare in Brooklyn, state data show.

At the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, 20% of staff at its affiliated retirement home, Terrace View, were placed on unpaid leave on Monday for refusing to be vaccinated, a spokesperson said. The hospital said it was doing its best to make up for the reduction by transferring staff from other facilities, reducing the number of beds in the nursing home and suspending some elective surgeries at the hospital.

The medical center had predicted 400 staff departures, but in the end, only 276 unvaccinated workers were put on leave. However, the establishment remained in crisis mode, because in the weeks leading up to the entry into force of the mandate, the hospital already had 400 vacancies and a record number of patients.

The hospital was in trouble, said Tom Quatroche, its president, as it could not refer patients to nursing homes and rehabilitation centers which were experiencing their own staff shortages.

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