Why social work might be the right job for you

The response I received to my last column, where I presented the story of one of our social workers, was so positive that I thought I would share another story from the front line of adult social care. .

This time, Amy Bloomfield, a social worker from our Ipswich and East team, agreed to answer a few questions about her work as a social worker. I hope Amy’s story encourages those interested in social work to start their careers today here in Suffolk.

Why did you want to become a social worker?

I wanted to become a social worker, because of my interest in mental health and my own family’s experiences with mental health and the services available. I felt that my own lived experiences could help me better understand and support others in their own difficult situations. In addition, I have always felt very passionate about standing up for others, so that they can access the support they need and overcome any adversity they face.

What would a normal working day look like for you?

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No two days are the same in social work, but I often go out to visit the community or care facilities, such as a nursing home. I also normally have a meeting or two with my team or other professionals; in addition to contacting the adults I work with and their families. Another important part of my workday is updating records and formulating care plans, reviewing care packages, assessing a person’s mental capacity (if they can make a particular informed decision) and assess the needs of adults and their caregivers.

I also study potential protection issues – preventing emotional, financial and physical abuse from adults unable to protect themselves. As social workers, we help people to be safe and free from harm.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Definitely the variety of people I work with and support, who are of different ages and come from different backgrounds. I also like to manage complex situations that require creative solutions.

What is your proudest moment as a social worker?

When I worked with an elderly person who lived in a heap house for a number of years and was afraid of social services, it was not known that at that time she was terminally ill. By working closely with her and trusting me over time, she was able to move into a retirement home with her cat, where she lived for a while before passing away. She told me that “it was like home”, which she had never felt before, and that she finally felt “safe”.

What skills do you think social workers need?

Compassion, honesty, respect and patience mainly. Most importantly, you need to be able to empower people to overcome difficult situations and be in control of their own lives. Social work is not about doing things to people – it is about people doing things for themselves with support.

Why is Suffolk the best place to be a social worker?

In my opinion, Suffolk is the best place to be a social worker due to the variety of rural and urban settings in which we work. In my experience, social workers in Suffolk have a lot of support not only from their colleagues but also from senior management. There are also great prospects for advancement, including a funded master’s program and a wide variety of other funded training opportunities.

Social work is a truly fulfilling career, giving you the opportunity to meet a lot of people at different stages of their lives and help them overcome obstacles or adversity, so that they can be safe and achieve their goals. aspirations.

If Amy’s story made you think becoming a social worker might be for you, visit www.suffolk.gov.uk/jobs-and-careers/social-work-suffolk

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